Pinterest as a Marketing Platform: What is the Fuzz About?

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The reports this year shows that Pinterest quickly becomes one of the most important social networks of the world.

Considering the fact that Pinterest was only founded a few years ago, its growth is remarkable.

With a feminine predominant public, the network was built to distribute photos from different domains, such as interior decorations, networks, books, vacation destinations and clothes.

Even if your business is not based on products, you can still benefit of the advantages offered by Pinterest.


Starting your Pinterest experience

First, you need to open an account and to create some boards. Think about what you need to promote: photos from some events, places that you have visited, books that you like, Hollywood actors.

If you want some good examples, feel free to navigate, to inspire, and to name the boards with great and complex titles.

Those must contain keywords, as this way, Pinterest users would find the content that interests them with ease.

Don’t forget to update the page often. Use Pinterest Web Analytics to know what people are pinning from your website.

Verify your website on Pinterest so that you can use the Pinterest Web Analytics.


1. Connect your Pinterest page with the actual location

If you have a store, you can place the link to your page and promotions. Add the PinIt button on your website.

This way, your business is promoted, you will have a better image in front of your clients, and this way, the distance between the physical location and the Pinterest page is cancelled.

People have to understand that you are talking about the same business that has the same name.


2. Keep it simple

Connect your content and encourage users to distribute it to other Pinterest users. Pinterest is easy to use. Users have boards where they attach images of the same dimension.

Each image can contain a link to your website, so if the photo is added, you will see the entire image then a link to the source website.

This method offers a huge advantage to your website.

Pinterest logo on a board


3. Use your other accounts that you have on social networks

Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Pinterest page. However, make sure not to post too often, and not to become annoying for your fans.


4. Be creative on your account

You can add news, photo news, and article on a new board. This is how you bring valuable and interesting content, giving the impression of a business that is a part of a community.

Some Pinterest promoters all something new every day, with a slogan, something that is attractive and encourages people to post it forward.


5. Follow the big names on Pinterest

If you follow important persons, they would start to follow you, and you will reach a wider audience. See what users repin posts, and follow those also.


6. Highlight your strongest points

If you use hand made products, bio or something rare, make sure to stat those aspects on your boards. This way, other people would start listening to you.

Therefore, see who repins your photos and follow those persons on this network also. This way, you will create a community around your Pinterest page.

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  1. Hello Stan
    Ya Pinterest is a great social media site.Images attracts people more,Thats why Pinterest become popular in short time.Ya This can be a place for marketing.Such as getting traffic in online business.Thanks for sharing this.

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