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This post provides information for the online job seekers to make money online with micro job websites.

The internet technology has changed our lives by providing unlimited information and helps to connect with the world through social networks, emails, video chatting and so on.

We should thank to the internet as we could work and make money from home in many different ways.

Yes, there are plenty of ways to earn money online without investment.

Now days, most of the people are looking for the sources to earn money online as it has various advantages like comfort of work from home, work without travel and not much skills are needed to perform them.

While saying the words “online money making” then the three popular ways named Blogging, Freelancing and Affiliate marketing strikes my mind.

But all these need consistency, dedication and patience to thrive in it.

Then, you might ask “How come the people with little skills can make money online?”

Here is the answer!

Since the outsourcing is working well for big businesses, it is logical for the medium and small businesses too.

So they need workers to perform short and easy jobs for small fee to get their job have done effortlessly.

As the growing number of people are ready to work from their home at spare time, many start-up organizations are overcoming the frustrations by getting the required jobs done on time from them.

Working with small projects and earn money with it?

Yes, it is called Micro lancing and let’s discuss in detail.


What is Microlancing or Microfreelance?

Micro lancing is a freelancing job where the type of jobs could be done in a short period of time.

In other words, workers can complete the mini projects with little experience or even with no experience and get paid for it.

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What are the advantages of doing micro jobs online over freelancing?

Workers need not to work hard to fine the micro jobs and little time is required to complete these types of jobs.

Unlike freelancing, most of the websites offer the jobs without the bidding system and it is possible to earn money without any specific skill.

Moreover, not much reputation and attractive profile are needed to perform the micro jobs.


What are the types of Micro jobs online?

There are various types of microjobs and let’s check some of it.


Online services marketplace

Workers offer small service for buyers with a little fee.


Simple online tasks

Buyers posts simple tasks on microjob websites and get the work has done by the people who are willing to do it.


Writing and commenting on blogs

Busy blog owners required workforces to write short articles and comments for their blog.


Real world tasks

Some types of buyers need to finish the jobs which cannot be done online.


Crowdsourcing jobs

Some online companies hire people to complete small tasks for their large projects.


Surveys and reward programs

Many online businesses pay money to the people to participate in surveys and reward programs to improve the quality of their product/service.


Useful Micro Job Websites to Make Money Online

Here below you find a big list of websites that you can use to make money with mini jobs online.


Amazon mechanical turk

While you are at home, during a break from work, in other spare time you can earn a few cents by answering simple questions or doing small jobs.

These tasks can be done with a computer and an internet connection.

They can be consider as small jobs, which are called “hits” (“human intelligence tasks“) and you can find hundreds or even thousands of these micro jobs online at Amazon Mechanical Turk (Amazon MTurk).

Amazon MTurk let makes you some pennies or few dollars or even Amazon gift certificates ( most tasks take less than a minute to complete).

You will not probably make more than some dollars an hour, but it is really simple to complete many of the tasks.

Amazon-Mechanical-Turk logo


Today the level of technology is very high, but there are still some jobs that can be done by humans only and can not be automated.

For istance, computers can not write reviews, take surveys or tell if a photo is pornographic : here is where MTurk comes in.

Tips to Optimize HITs at Amazon Mechanical Turk

Requesters insert the  HITs and you, as worker, can search between these tasks for the ones you like or you will be able to accomplish.

As every business, you have to be patient at beginning : for some HITs you will need to take a qualifications test to even be allowed to accept the job.

The good news is for each type of task you only have to do this once.

You can then pick your first job and browsing between the price rewards : you may start with a $.02 or less task.

For example, the job may be look in an image if there is pornographic content and you simply have to click “yes” or “no” , then you will earn the amount promised.

When you find some task that you like, you can keep doing the same job for higher amount of money working for a continued time.

You will discover after some completed tasks, your hourly rate.

Simply do the same job for 10 minutes and multiply six times to see your total per hour.

Here below you can find some of the HITs that can be found on Amazon Mechanical Turk :

  • write articles;
  • tag images;
  • transcribe audio or text;
  • post comments to a blog;
  • write reviews of products or services;
  • research details on various topics;
  • answer few questions;
  • rate some sites;
  • check search results;
  • become a fan of someone facebook page;
  • tweet a message;
  • participate in a forum;
  • bookmark sites;
  • watch videos.


How much will you earn per hour on MTurk ?

Have fun making some money online with Amazon Mechanical Turk !



Fiverr is a website where people can buy and sell any kind of service for $5.

Fiverr is growing and their traffic increase everyday, the platform is friendly and easy to use and a lots of people go to Fiverr to find a short term service.

The range of services vary from writing a song, gift ideas, make graphics, videos, programming, writing, advertise,  social marketing and a lot more of crazy stuff.

This is really fun and you can make money doing unbelievable and sometimes silly things .

It is become so popular, that a lot of Fiverr clones are emerging in the net. Of course the original one is this and the one you should trust in order to make some sales and purchase some gigs.

How Fiverr Works

Basically you can earn money on Fiverr doing anything you can imagine : for each sell you make, $1 goes to Fiverr as their commission and the rest ($4) goes to you.

It is all about marketing your service in the right way and making it interesting (see related article in archieve, How to increase your traffic).


Every service that people try to sell is called Gigs.

There are a lot of Top-Rated Sellers that have curious Gigs, like :

– I will dress like a chicken for $5 ;

– I will do a very special bean caricature of you for $5;

– I will cast an extremely powerful Mayan SPELL to get you whatever you want for $5;

– I will sing a Happy Valentines Day Song to your Special Someone for $5.

It is really all about Creativity ! And you can market yourself and your Gigs !

Tips to Earn Money with Fiverr

Here you find some tips in order to make more money with Fiverr.

1 . Offer something unique : try to build some Gigs not only about the popular topics.

2 . Show some evidence : if you have someonthing to offer, then you should show how you have done it before, especially the benefits for the customers.

3 . Post in others sites : Fiverr is the most famous, but there are similar sites around that do the same job, as for istance TenBux, GigHour, Zeerk,  FittyTown.

4 . Work on your announcement : the title and the text of your Gigs is what is going to get you the job, so try experimenting different headlines or advertising messages until you will find the best one.

Have fun making money online with Fiverr !




Like Amazon Mechanical Turk, also CloudCrowd offers a variety of jobs to complete online and earn some cash.

Workers can find a wide variety of tasks at this site, including translation, online researching, data, and writing and editing. : pay rates vary from 1 cent to $14.95 per task.

Workers at this site are given Credibility scores, which CloudCrowd uses to rate the likelihood that a particular person will do quality work in the future.

What you will need

First of all you need to have a pc, of course, with internet connection and after this you will need a valid Facebook account.

If you plan on doing any editing, writing, reviewing and translation jobs, you will also need Microsoft Word and if you want to get paid (of course you want), you will need a verified PayPal account.

CloudCrowd logo

Credential Tests

To do most tasks (the ones you will be paid more), you must first complete and pass a test, that is known as Credential Test.

However, for a few other tasks, a test is not required and you can jump straight in (pays mostly few cents each).

You can only take a particular Credential Test ONCE  (CloudCrowd might change this in the future).

Your Credibility level

You will have a Credibility level, that may change depending on how good you will accomplish the online tasks : the more jobs you do correctly, the more your credibility ride up.

Be careful, because if you do one task wrong, your Credibility level can go down very fast and if it gets to a certain low, you can be put on probation : you would still be able to do tasks, but it means that you are being monitored more closely until you prove that you are doing correctly your online jobs.

Credibility drop or probation may surely happen during your experience with CloudCrowd, so do not worry when it will touch you : just pay attention and try to finish the task properly.

Just keep in mind that your Credibility level is important because it may often influence the tasks that you will be entitled to do.


CloudCrowd uses a credibility system to maintain an high quality level. You know that if you do tasks successfully your credibility will grow, but in the first month your Credibility score is limited to 50 so you are not able to review other people’s work. If you make a mistake your credibility will drop, but it is simple enough to increase your credibility by accomplishing easy tasks and being careful.

If you plan making some money online, then you can try with CloudCrowd : good luck !



If you need some easy and fast cash, then you can try with Microworkers .

There are a number of jobs that can be done only by human persons, which are normally paid from few cents up to few dollars.

Microworkers system is basically like this : there is the “employer”, who lists the job that need to be done and the “worker”, who takes the task and work in order to complete it. When the job is done, the employer will pay the worker.

The jobs can be completed normally within few minutes, so this is really a way to make money fast.

Of course the amount of cash that you will be able to earn depend on your skills.

You may want to join Microworkers as an employer, if you have some jobs that you want to outsource, or as a worker, if you need to make some money online.

How to Start with MicroWorkers

You need to sign up and after you receive the e-mail, just confirm the link.

Now, in your new account you can “create a new job campaign“, as employer or check the “list of available jobs” and apply to one or more of them, as worker.

"Job" word in red with below Microworkers logo

As employer, before insert a new campaign, you must read the Faq and Guidelines.

Once you checked the rules, you can create your first campaign, choosing between several options, like targeting some specific countries, choosing your category, the time in which the job can be finished, the available positions and the money you will give for your task.

Once you listed all the requirements, you can submit your new campaign and when it will be accepted, wait for new workers.

As worker, first check the list of available jobs.

You will notice that some task are really easy, like for istance :

– like a Page on Facebook and be rewarded of an amount of around $0,20 ( the required proof that the job is finished is your profile set on public view);

– sign up to Badoo (a social network) and earn up to 0,50$ (confirm the activation link in your email and copy and paste the sign up email from Badoo as proof that the task is completed);

 rate a YouTube Video and make around 0,20$ (like the video and your YouTube displayed name will be the proof of the job finished);

There are also some other tasks that will be paid more than the above mentioned ones, but of course they will require more skills and time. See for istance :

– Write a minimum of 100 Word Post + Link to a specific URL : you may earn up to $5, and the requirements could be the PageRank of your blog (like a PR3 or PR4 minimum). The required proof is of course the URL of the post for the review and the published date.

As you can check on the list, the available jobs are many and with different levels of skill and time required.

Be sure to check the tasks you like more, and complete them properly, in order to make as many money you can.

Once you finished the jobs and the employer will approve them, your account will be credited for the specific amounts.

Once you reached the level of $9, you can ask the withdrawal. Your physical address must be verified, in order to prevent duplicated accounts.

The payment methods are PayPal, AlertPay or MoneyBookers and the fee is 6% .

Have fun earning with Microworkers !



Clixsense is one of the oldest mini job website where you can make money online and be paid for sure.

It’s live since 2007, with almost 4,000,000 members and at the moment they have paid almost $8,000,000 to their users.

You can generate revenue by visiting websites, with paid surveys, with free offers or micro tasks, playing ClixGrid, or via contests, trough shopping online or referring other people with the affiliate program!

Be sure to sign up to start earning some bucks online.


Other Sites to Make Money Online with Mini Jobs

Here’s below other sites to make money online with micro jobs.

  1. Easyshiftapp
  2. Gigwalk
  3. Taskrabbit
  4. Rapid workers
  5. Minijobz
  6. Crashcrate
  7. Onlinemicrojobs
  8. Centworkers
  9. Swagbucks
  10. Instantbucks
  11. Mylikes
  12. Clickchores
  13. Taskarmy
  14. Inboxdollars
  15. Peopleperhour



Many websites acts as a platform between the businesses which need to get a variety of small jobs to be done and the people with various skills who want to make money online.

Within a short period, the micro jobs has become popular among the people to earn money online as it requires simple tasks without bidding system.

Search for the legitimate microjob websites and register in it.

Offering quality work to them rather than focussing to make money with it would improve your presence among the buyers and so you’ll getdirect offers from them.

Most of the microjob websites are paying money through Paypal, so it would be better to create a Paypal account to withdraw the payout.

I earned some bucks with Fiverr and iwriter with my writing skill.

What do you say about make money online with Microjob websites?

Speak your opinion with me!

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  14. I tried Fiverr, TenBux, Gigbux and many others but never got any successful results. is much better than all other micro job sites in term of quality, traffic, support team, withdrawal methods and etc. I am a member of for now more than 10 months and happily earning.

  15. Making money online should not be a struggle if you’re willing to put in the work. When you understand the flow of money and how to create income on demand, your income will flow instead of having that feeling that you’re beating your forehead against a brick wall.

  16. Thanks for providing this list, I had no idea that micro jobs existed, I just thought freelance jobs was it and you needed to build your reputation before you could get decent jobs that pay really well.

  17. Enter the micro job market. Numerous micro-job sites have been popping up all over the place lately. While the lure of getting a service (and sometimes even a product) for what’s essentially pocket change, has no doubt done much to fuel the interest and growth of these platforms, people are also pressed for time. This sites offer business owners in particular a way to unload some of the items on their to-do lists without putting much of a dent in their profit margins.

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