Things To Include On Your Business Card Design

All business owners need a card to leave with their clients and customers. It helps to make sure they think about you long after you meet.

Also, it provides them with information about how they can get in touch. Lots of business owners get the design wrong, and so we’re going to offer some suggestions.


Your logo

You don’t want to crowd your business cards with lots of graphics. However, including your company logo is always a wise move.

That should help to improve brand recognition. The potential customer or client will identify with your business when they encounter it in the future.


Your name and job title

It’s also vital that you include your name and job title on all business cards. In some instances, you might want to add a photograph too.

Doing that should help to personalise your company slightly. People don’t want to do business with a faceless firm.


Your personal and company contact details

Always include two set of contact details on your business cards. You should let the clients know how to get in touch with your company.

You should also inform them of how they can contact you directly. Again, that makes clients feel as though your brand is accountable.

We’ve attached an infographic below this post that should provide more information.

Take a look before you leave us today.

With a bit of luck, the next business cards you print should be perfect.

Just follow our advice, and you can’t go wrong.

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