Follow any money blog on the internet, and you’ll see endless articles about passive income. It has become the holy grail of the digital age.

It essentially means setting up an income stream that works, even when you aren’t. It means running a website that brings in thousands of dollars even while you sleep.

Bloggers, online sellers, and YouTubers are all counting passive income as a great way to make extra money. But, what are the realities behind passive income? What are the secrets?


You need a unique and compelling proposition

Nothing on the internet is guaranteed. No-one is entitled to a passive income just because they’ve set up a website. People generate passive income online because they’re fantastic entrepreneurs.

They have still gone out of their way to create something that people really want. Without a unique proposition or compelling product, you simply can’t create a sustainable passive income.

Online income like this requires customers, readers, and a real community of people. You can’t fake that!


Put in the hard time!

A lot of passive income success stories look like they happen overnight. That’s because there is a ‘tipping point’ when it comes to success and passive income.

It relies on a long period of work that goes unnoticed, and unpaid. In fact, most six-figure bloggers will tell you that they spend 18 months to a year with relatively low traffic and no income.

Real passive income takes time, and effort. It’s all about delayed-gratification! You can only generate money by generating an audience. And that’s the hard part.


Monetise correctly

Unfortunately, there is all sorts of misleading information on the internet. Many blogs will have you believe that you can fill your site full of Google AdSense ads, and you’ll be buried in cash!

The truth is very different. A good flow of passive income requires smart monetisation. Take a look at this website:

It’s one of the good ones that outlines a variety of strategies that do work when it comes to monetisation. Just remember, there are no shortcuts here.


Never stop working and innovating

The thing about passive income is that it’s never fully passive. As soon as you stop creating content, publishing articles, or shipping products, it all stops.

Making a success from a passive income business means constantly working and innovating. It’s all about looking for new opportunities, and adapting to new consumer habits.

Look around you at your competitors too. What markets are they working towards, and how can you capitalise on it?



If you’ve succeeded in finding a passive income stream that works for you, congratulations! But, it doesn’t end there. Look for the next big expansion.

If it worked for one channel, you can make it work for another. Start building an empire, and turn that extra pocket money into a rapidly growing business.


Passive income is a reality on the internet. But, it isn’t quite as easy as some blogs would have you believe!

You still need a great product, a receptive audience, and hard work.


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  1. Hey this is a great article it is good to see someone saying it is hard and takes time but can be done. There is alot of people out there saying its easy which it is not. I am on my own journey to build passive income which i am documenting on my blog.

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