Great Ideas For Students To Make Some Extra Money

Everyone likes finding cool ways to make some money. But, there’s a certain group of people that are always desperate for cash.

I’m talking, of course, about students. Students are constantly struggling for money as a result of high tuition fees and paying for student accommodation.

So, they do whatever they can to get by.

If you’re a student that wants to make some money in your free time, follow my advice.




Starting a blog in your spare time is a wonderful way to make money. No doubt you’ll spend a lot of time studying, but I’m sure you’ll have some downtime.

If you have a talent for writing, why not make some money out of it. Running a blog is fairly easy, and you can earn cash in multiple ways.

One way of earning cash from your blog is through affiliate marketing. This is where you sign up with affiliate networks and get to work with another company.

You’ll promote the company and then get paid depending on how many website visitors or customers they receive from your blog. It’s a killer way to make some cheeky cash.

The most common form of money making on a blog is advertising. You simply get paid to have ads placed on your website.

The price will vary depending on what advertising network you’re signed up with. It can also depend on the amount of views your blog is getting.

Companies will pay more to have adverts on a popular site.


Sell Your Books

When you’re a student, you’re usually burdened with buying a load of books each year. Sometimes, you buy a book for a semester and never need to use it again.

Instead of leaving these books lying around your room, why not make some money from them? Go online and sell them on Amazon or Ebay.

It makes sense to sell something you aren’t going to use anymore.

The thing about books is that they’re actually quite expensive to purchase. Especially if bought brand new. So, many students will look for second-hand books to save money.

This means if you sell your books, you’re likely to get people that want to buy them. Thus, the selling process is painless, and you have more money in your bank account.


Paid Surveys

Another fine way to earn some extra cash for those student nights is to do paid surveys. Now, there are two ways that students can earn money doing this.

The first is by looking for websites online that offer financial rewards for surveys. You’re bound to find a few of them if you do a simple Google search.

Once you’ve found one, you sign up and start doing surveys. You can do as many as you like to try and earn as much as you want.


The second way is to look for people at your university/college that are offering paid surveys.

Sometimes, people need surveys done for research, so will give students money to complete them.

It may not be a lot of cash, but it’s enough to fund a night out or three!


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