a toilet paper made ​​of dollars

With a lot of advices on how to make money online or offline already published in this site, it is time to write an article where I summarize a first part of them and I make a nice list, in which I hope you will find some good inspiration or ideas on how to derive economic benefit.

Here’s the list on 40 ways to make money :

1 . How to make money online as Infopreneur :  an “infopreneur”  is an entrepreneur who specializes in information,  providing, promoting and distributing knowledge, usually within a niche market : this can be an interesting and profitable way to make money online.

2 . How to make money online Tweeting with Twitter : even if someone assume that Twitter is dead, Twitter is a social networking that is still very popular and a medium where you can earn traffic, spreading your news. In the post you find a list of good links to make money online Tweeting.

3 . How to make money online with Transcription Services : a lot of work at home jobs, including offering transcription services, allow you as typist to work as many or as few hours as you desire : you will have completely control over the daily schedule and this allows more time for personal responsibilities and family activities. In the post you find 14 not scam links to work as transcriptionist.

4 . How to make money online with CloudCrowd : like Amazon Mechanical Turk, also CloudCrowd offers a variety of jobs to complete online and earn some cash – pay rates vary from 1 cent to $14.95 per task.

5 . How to make more money online with Google Adsense : you find some practical tips to increase your own Adsense blogs revenue.

Dollar banknotes sorting out from a laptop screen6 . How to make money with an Email List :  “The money is in the list.” This post teaches you how building up a quality e-mail list will make you money, long-term, literally at the press of a button.

7 . How to make money online with Text Link Ads : one of the best sources of income for webmasters and bloggers is a company called Text-Link-Ads. It is a link brokering network with over 40,000 publishers interested in selling text links to advertisers and big companies : their service helps publishers monetize their websites and help advertisers get traffic and build backlinks to increase their search engine optimization rankings.

8 . How to make money online with Data Entry Jobs : home based typing jobs or online data entry works are a very popular way to make money on the internet. It does not require such big skills : the only you need is some basic knowledge of computer and internet. There are thousands of companies on the internet that are seeking data entry processors to get paid to work from home : in the post you find some useful links.

9 . How to make money as a Mystery Shopper : Mystery shopping is becoming a popular method for companies to evaluate their employees and customer services skills and it can be a great and fun way to make some extra cash. Mystery shoppers visit or call businesses posing as ordinary customers and provide detailed evaluations of their experience using written reports or questionnaires : in the post you find a list of 9 real and legitimate mystery shopping companies you shop for and get paid doing so.

10 . How to make money online with Microworkers : the tasks are quick, so workers can make money very fast (sometimes under 5 minutes) and employers can easily outsource tasks that are helpful to their online business. When your earnings reach $9, you will be allowed to place a withdrawal request.

11 . How to make money with Import Export Business : the Import Export is a big business and a great adventure, also if you love to travel. Acting as your own free agent, you can purchase goods directly from a foreign manufacturer, have it packed and shipped then resell the goods for a big percentage of gain. With technology and faster methods of transportation this is a fast investment to make you huge profits.

12 . How to make money as a Travel Writer : if you love to travel and you have a lot of experience to share, then you can think about make money as a travel writer. There are several ways you can earn as a travel writer : creating a blog, writing a book,  founding an online magazine, selling your travel articles to newspapers and travel magazines or consider writing your travel articles on project sites.

13 . How to make money selling your body parts : if you look for a strange way to make money, that requires very little work on your part, then you can look into selling different parts of your body. The government and our sense of propriety permit you to only cash in on plasma, hair and may be sperma, eggs or breast milk.

14 . How to make money with CraigsList : learning how to make money with CraigsList  is incredibly simple and profitable, so you can start to earn without spending a dime. In order to make money with CraigsList for free, you have to look into “For Sale” category and inside it, there is a section called “free stuff” : here people give away stuff they do not want, for free. You simply have to go pick them up and sell them.

15 . How to make money as a Massage Therapist : making money as a massage therapist is just basic self care : it is so interesting that so many struggle in the massage business or even in finding a job like this that pays more than $40 an hour.

a toilet paper made ​​of dollars

16 . How to make money online with CPM Advertising : so you have a blog and you have traffic : may be you are already familiar with AdSense and Infolinks, but you still are not making much money online. There are other types of advertising : for istance CPM advertising, that could help your blog make more money online without affecting your existing AdSense income. In the post some useful links.

17 . How to make money starting a clothing company: if you have a lot of imagination, creativity and enthusiasm, you can think about make money starting a clothing company.

18 . How to make money as Tourist Guide : if you love stay around people and talk about your city or country, then you may consider tomake money becoming a tourist guide. Learning how to become a tourist guide is relatively easy, especially if you have lived in your area for a lot of time.

19 .  How to make money creating iPhone Applications : there have been a total of 41,152,350 iPhones sold worldwide from October 2007 up to the end of 2009 and by 2013, americans will buy $4.2 billion in mobile applications according to the Yankee Group. Making money creating iPhone applications is a great way to considerate.

20 . How to make money designing Logos : blogging is still very popular and it will surely continue growing in the futureHundreds of blogs born everyday, most of them will need a logo and a lot of bloggers do not know how to create it. If you have some design talent, you can make good money offering custom logo creations to webmasters.

21 . How to make money taking part to medical trials : an alternative way to make money, most of all if you need fast cash, is taking part to medical trials. You have to be 18 aged and healthy : as volunteers you will get paid anywhere from $100 – $300 a day for taking part in these trials, which can focus on anything from drug studies to to cognitive or sensory studies.

22 . How to make money building WordPress Themes : Blogging is still very popular and it will surely continue growing in the future. WordPress is one of the leading blogging platforms and the bloggers who want to personalize their blog : an interesting way to make money could be by building and designing themes for WordPress users.

23 . Make easy “Paybox Money” online with PayBox (now VirtaPay) : Paybox  (now VirtaPay) is developing an online currency and payment processing service to make buying and selling online easier, more secure and available to everyone. You will make for now just PayBox currency, for now, let’s see in the future.

24 . How to make money selling advertising space on your car : selling advertising on your car is a great way to make some extra money. It is basically some advertisement that is either painted on or attached to your car. Companies usually choose their own fleet cars, but sometimes they also choose to advertise by paying normal drivers a determined amount per month.

25 . How to make money online becoming a SEO Specialist : with more than 130 millions of blogs around in the web, the opportunity of make money as Search Engine Optimization Specialist is definetely an interesting idea. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important in the competition of website building and internet marketing.

26 . How to make money online blogging : time ago people use to start a blog as a personal hobby, but nowadays more and more people would like to make money blogging. The truth is that not everyone will make even the bucks needed to pay the monthly hosting bills. If you want to be one of the few bloggers that can really make money online you have to think about something different, build a niche site or an unique project and grow up a sustainable traffic that grow over time : you will need dedication, creativity, persistence and patience, but above all passion about the topic of your blog.

27 . How to make money online with Fiverr : Fiverr is a website where people can buy and sell any kind of service for $5. The range of services are vary from writing a song, gift ideas, make graphics, videos, programming, writing, advertise,  social marketing and a lot more of crazy things.

28 . How to make money as Personal Trainer : if you like work with people and you have passion for exercise, nutrition, health and fitness, then you may think in making money as Personal Trainer. You should have enthusiasm, patience, charisma, knowledge and you should really want to help people satisfy their body and health needs.

A beautiful above banknotes girl sniffing money

29 . How to make money online with Amazon Mechanical Turk : it is an interesting way to make money online. It is a system affiliated with Amazon.com that has been online since 2005, that offers thousands of little jobs that can make you some pennies or few dollars or even Amazon gift certificates.

30 . How to make money with Taxi Services : if you love to drive, making money with taxi services can be for you. You will earn from the rate of fare and from the tips. As a taxi driver, you should have the ability to understand and communicate well with the passengers : in this way you can create a comfortable situation for the customer who will be more prepared to leave you a good tip.

31 . How to make money as Real Estate Agent : if you have an innate gift of marketing and if you can interact well with people, you should consider to make money becoming a Real Estate Agent. Even if the current real estate market took a downturn, you can still make money finding opportunities and customers in this large market.

32 . How to make money as International Business Consultant : If you have experience in international business, then you may think in making money becoming an International Business Consultant. You will be responsible for providing relevant and up-to-date information about various aspects of business development and market information for international companies.

33 . How to make money becoming a Translator : if you are fluent in another language, you may consider to make money becoming a translator. In this increasingly globalized world has become very important know different languages and growing companies need this knowledge in order to expand their business all over the world.

34 . How to make money creating an online radio station : internet has made easier our life, in many areas and for many reasons. A lot of years ago creating a radio was not so easy as today. If you love music or if you love speak, then you may think to make money creating an online radio.

35 . How to make money as Cartoonist : cartoonists draw comics and cartoons for a variety of sources : newspapers, magazines, books and even animated movies. Make a living from this activity requires dedication, talent, perseverance, passion and patience.

36 . How to make money selling watches : turn your passion of watches into a business ! Making money from watches can be possible in a lot of ways:creating a website in which you promote and sell new or used models or offering assistance to the people who search particular models or opening a real shop as offline business  and you can choose between different categories of watches, as for istance the niche of old or luxury models.

37 . How to make money opening a restaurant : if your passion is food, you may think in making money opening a restaurant. The key to success in the restaurant business is to plan well : you will need patience, motivation, money to invest at beginning and experience managing a restaurant.

a shirt made with a dollar

38 . How to make money with Editing Services : one of the services that can be offered from a virtual assistant is the editing service. Many people have the gift of writing, but lack the skills to fine tune their work. That is where professional copywriting, proofreading and editing comes in.

39 . How to make money creating a dating agency : more and more people are meeting trough internet and often end up marrying : speed dating, internet dating agency, international marriage agency, face to face, are all modern systems to meet the right person. Make money creating a dating agency is an interesting opportunity not only to make business online, but also offline.

40 . How to make money with Facebook : Facebook is a social networking website launched in February 2004 that reached more than 500 million active users in July 2010, which is about one person for every fourteen in the world. Considered the “numbers” of Facebook, it is then possible to make money by promoting and marketing your product or service. If you are good with programming techniques, you can even earn creating Facebook applications.


I hope that you found some ideas or some inspirations for your next online income or offline business project !

3 thoughts on “40 Ways to Make Money

  1. Very very good post! Really a great list of money making methods.
    My favourite methods are Craigslist, Facebook and SEO.
    I really love these niches and can work all day long for them.
    You didn’t mention ebay & amazon affiliates. It’s also a great way
    to generate income quickly.


  2. As a five year old blogger, I think that you about nailed it. The only thing that I would add is that I’ve found it’s much easier to make money off of freelancing, or writing for other companies and websites, once you are an established voice. Those gigs tend to pay more than ads do, but you’ll only get those offers once you have years of content to back you up as an authority.

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