How to Make Money Taking Part to Medical Trials

An alternative way to make money, most of all if you need fast cash, is taking part to medical trials.

May be you have interest in scientific material or medical research, then you may think to find a clinical trial to participate in.

You have to be 18 aged and healthy : as volunteers you will get paid anywhere from $100 to $300 a day for taking part in these trials, which can focus on anything from drug studies to to cognitive or sensory studies.

The amount of money you will receive is calculated in relation of the amount of time that you have to devote to these studies.

Clinical trials are carried out under the strict supervision of fully qualified doctors, nurses and other health professionals and  run in accordance with countries legislation.

The government must first approve all trials before any clinical procedures may start.

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How Medical Trials Work

Your role as volunteer for medical trials is very important and trough these researches you can help health care professionals develop new and better forms of treatment for a variety of medical conditions and diseases.

In order to make some money with medical trials follow these steps :

1 . Locate the nearest place where taking part of medical trials. Check in your country who maintains the registry of sponsored medical trials and find the nearest one to your area. You can also look online, for example there is ClinicalTrials, where you can research between more 174 countries. You can then identify the medical trial that is of interest to you.

2 . Meet the medical trial guidelines. Every medical trial has guidelines regarding who can participate. So be sure to review the criteria listed on the submission page and make sure you are eligible to participate.

3 . Be sure about the medical trial. Read all the information about the medical trial you selected. Ask everything you need to know about it. Talk with the contact person listed under the “Contacts and Locations” section. Make sure the contact person listed is a research team member. You can be informed about the risks, benefits and side effects of the study, the types of treatments and tests that are involved and any other questions you have.

4 . Talk with your doctor. Tell your primary care physician that you are considering volunteering for a medical trial and tell him about the information you received. You can identity with him whether the medical trial is suitable for you.

5 . Arrange an appointment. Before you are accepted into the medical trial, you need to be available to make a medical screening that may include a drug test, blood and urine samples, height and weight measurements and an electrocardiogram.

Many people would never consider to participate in a clinical trial, but if you are between the ones that have debt and are worried about paying bills, then you may evaluate it as an interesting way of making some extra money, as a part time activity.


Live wealthy and good luck !

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