How to Make Money as International Business Consultant

If you have experience in international business, then you may think in making money becoming an International Business Consultant.

The task of this figure, which often operates as part of brokerage firms or counseling,  is to assist small and medium enterprises:

– in the early stages of internationalization, providing the know-how for the establishment of sales networks, or activities of production abroad;

– in trades in the commodities markets and commodities.

The skill required are:

– advanced knowledge of at least two foreign languages ;

– knowledge of the corporate tax and customs typical of the process of internationalization ;

– social skills;

– ability to work in teams;

– willingness to travel.

How to Become an International Business Consultant

In order to become an international consultant, after the degree of second level you can go directly into business or a traineeship in studies consulting.

In order to make experience, you can also look for a job as “Export Manager” in a company that export a lot, so you can practice the foreign languages you know and you may understand more the customs and habits of customers in other countries.

The expected trend in employment is positive.

The process of internationalization makes required the presence of local expert advice and services to businesses of all sizes operating in international markets or have plans to do so.

Two business men shacking their hands as conclusion of a deal

How International Business Consultant Works

As International Business Consultant you should :

– travel to foreign countries to look for information for customers on several aspects of the business market ;

– meet with government officials, business professionals and financial agencies to discuss options for businesses in foreign countries ;

– look for opportunities in the different market sectors for investment in foreign countries;

– prepare reports, presentations and enter into discussions with customers regarding options for international business ventures ;

– market and advertise your services.

You should also learn the International Business Etiquette :

habits and customs in each country are different and for istance what is socially acceptable in one country can be highly offensive in another.

The experience as International Business Consultant is very important, but you should still read and stay informed about what happens in the world.

At the moment of this article, for istance, the name of website WikiLeaks has turned all the world with their stunning news and information.

To find potential clients, research companies in your area to find the ones that are beginning to expand overseas.

Contact them and offer to make a presentation to their employees on protocol for that specific country.

Learning from other cultures and with your communication and business skills, you can become an International Business Specialist (you may also be interested in Make Money as Translator if you know well the foreign language).


Good luck with your business as International Business Consultant !

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