How to Make Money Online Tweeting with Twitter

Even if someone assume that Twitter is dead, it is a social networking that is still very popular and a medium where you can make some money online.

Twitter is free and not only it will help you build up your social media presence, but it will bring you massive amount of traffic and you make money online with it!

How to start

It is very easy to set up and when you register your actual name, you should take also your company name as well so
you can safeguard the brand.

Once you have a Twitter profile, here are some tips to set it up correctly:

1 – Use an actual photo of yourself as your icon : this is a social media and this means that you want to be a person, not a business. Business is personal again.

2 – Write your bio : you will have available only 160 characters, so make the best use of it. Describe what you do and why somebody might want to follow you. Again, be real.

3 – Link to your website in the URL field of your profile.

4 – Fill in your location.

5 – Set up a custom background image. Many people will create a custom image that actually has their contact information and a larger photo of themselves. If you don’t know how to do this, there are people online who will design a custom Twitter background image
for you.

If you want, follow me at Twitter :

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Twitter marketing success

The key of Twitter marketing success is to have a lot of followers : the concept is the more followers you have, the more likely your links are going to be clicked on and the better results you will get.

It is like the traffic concept applied to a website : you should find users related to your market and follow them.

There are a lot of software not for free, so a good suggestion is to use free tools and website like for example Twitter Karma or Tweepi : both are completely free and they will help you a lot manage Following and Followers.

You should follow your related users, then wait for them to follow you (up to you to decide the time to wait : take 2-3 days), after this time, delete your following that do not follow you also, with the help of the mentioned Twitter Karma or Tweepi and then you will notice that you will get also a lot of followers that followed you first, so remember to follow them back.

Make money online Tweeting

The the most obvious way to make money with Twitter is posting links in your profile Tweets.

This is simple :  just link to any new blog posts you make, new products or new service from your business. Explain with the link about your post and the more followers you have, the more possibilities you have to receive a click on your tweets.

Here below you find a list of others way to make money online Tweeting :

Sponsored Tweets : this is an online marketplace that allows you to connect directly with advertisers to engage in sponsored conversations through Twitter. Advertisers compensate you with cash in exchange for a sponsored tweet. Automatically sends tweets for you after approval : it is easy to set up and highly recommended!

RevTwt : the largest advertising network on twitter. It is fast, easy, effective and gives a good return on investment. When people click on the ads you post, you get paid for every valid click. You can register for free to start making money from your tweets.

Magpie : you set a tweet frequency that you will accept magpie-tweets from your Twitter account and if your current tweet rate permits it, their service will try to find a match and tweet it. You will make money depending on the compensation model of each successfully delivered magpie-tweet.

TwittAd : post your twitter account for advertisers to sponsor and after you have accepted an advertisers placement, you will earn money every hour you serve the ad. A Virtual Account balance is calculated and when the ad expires the money is released into your real account balance.

Adly : automatically sends one tweet in your feed every day from advertisers that you approve. You set the price per tweet that advertisers pay and you can earn a lot of money for every tweet if you have a good enough following.

Have fun with Twitter : if you can make some money online with it, even more fun !

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