How to Make Money Online with Facebook

Money coming out from a black hat with "Facebook" word written on it

Facebook is “the Social Network”.

Launched in February 2004 and reached more than 500 million active users in July 2010, it is now arriving to 1 billion users in 2012.

Every user can add people as friends, send them messages, update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves, use applications and join groups or networks organized by workplace, school or college.

A big news of end of 2011, is the Facebook “Timelime” : your life is caught in a sort of diary, where your friends can post comments, see photos and interact with you.

Considered the huge numbers of Facebook, it is then possible to make money by promoting and marketing your product or service.

And if you are good with programming techniques, you can even earn creating Facebook applications.

Facebook offers unique tools that can help you build traffic to your site and make money for your business : for example buying ads to advertise your service, linking your business in your profile or creating a page or group especially for your product.

See if any of the suggestion below can be suitable for you.

1 . Make Money Advertising with Facebook Ads

So you have your own product, service or site and you want to promote it with the Facebook Ads :

1 – make sure your product or service that do not violate the Facebook Ad Guidelines;

2 – if you want to use images in your ads then make sure to create catchy product banners that people will click. Image space allowed is 110×80;

3 – your headline should be within 25 letters or less and content of ad should be up to 135 characters;

4 – choose audience, as options like sex, age, gender, keywords and location;

5 – decide your daily budget. The minimum is 1$;

6 – set the duration;

7 – follow the progress of your campaign and check the results.

 2 . Make Money Posting Links in Your Profile

This is simple : just link to any new blog posts you make, new products or new service from your business.

Explain the link about your post, with comments and the right information.

Of course do not spam or any of your contact will soon hate you !

Money coming out from a black hat with "Facebook" word written on it

3 . Make Money with Groups or Fan Pages

Another way to make money with Facebook is creating a group or a page, especially for your website, blog or business.

For istance, in order to create a page, you may go first to another page that has already been created, related to your business.

At the left side of the screen, scrolling down, you will see the link to create your own page.

Just click that link and follow these suggestions :

1 – add your profile information, upload your logo, write your URL;

2 – add interests. Doing this will help you finding other users with same interests of you;

3 – add your RSS feed, in the “notes” section, click on “applications” on the left hand side of the page and follow the steps to add an RSS link;

4 – increase your traffic by linking to high quality content. Creating pages that link back to websites with a high Page Rank, will encourage Google and other search engines to increase your own Page Rank, after they crawl your Facebook profile and find your main blog or website linked to it;

5 – network with groups and members daily. Keep an active presence on Facebook so that people can identify with your business, blog or website.

4 . Make Money Developing Facebook Applications

If you are familiar with programming skills, this is the best way to make money with Facebook.

The creators and developers of some of the most popular Faceook applications games as Mafia Wars, YoVille, FarmVille or Texas HoldEmPoker have made millions dollars in revenue thanks to this business.

If you wish, take a look to Fill My Money Box page in Facebook.

Have fun with Facebook and good luck !

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  1. Hi Erik,
    It’s surely a great about making money with Facebook.
    You have mentioned all the important points here to earn decent with Facebook.
    In my opinion, Advertising, Groups or Fan Pages are one of the best ways here to get solid revenue from your business,
    Thanks for providing this unique article with the deep knowledge! 🙂

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