How to Make Money as a Travel Writer

For many people, becoming a travel writer seems like a dream job.

But many do not realize the amount of work that goes into being a travel writer, and the amount of time it usually takes to succeed.

If you decided to become a travel writer there are some important points to remember.

How to Start as Travel Writer

You will need first to develop relationships with publishers or agents. This means that the publication of your articles, showcase your writing skills and ability to meet deadlines, and doing a lot of less glamorous grunt work.

It is also important, when trying to become a travel writer, that you understand how to be a self-starter.

Develop creative ideas and angles and pitch these stories to editors. Since most travel destinations have been widely covered, it is imperative to find new interesting points of view, if you hope to have your work published.

Another important thing to remember when you try to become a travel writer is that you are not the only person trying to land this job.

For every idea possible, there are virtually hundreds of good writers willing to do the job. Your articles must be creative and engaging, with a clear and compelling story. A trip to a location and some written of your personal experiences, is not sufficient.

The most important point to remember when you try to publish any piece of writing is the research publication.

Know what publishers are looking for-that means knowing the tone of the publication, and the voice and the average length of the article.

Find out if the publisher accepts manuscripts or query letters. Learn what the format of the manuscript or query letter should be, and follow that format perfectly.

Successful travel writers learn how to maximize the income potential from a trip.

Not just one or two stories from a trip before you leave,but you should come with as many ideas as possible for the articles, with information about the destinations and your interesting experiences.

Even if every single idea is not accepted, you will create more opportunities for you, now and in the future, proving that you are a creative thinker and motivated person.

Travel writers are more often self-employed, so you need to plan ahead. This means that health benefits and pension plans are the sole responsibility of the travel writer, and payment schedules are not set.

Often, a magazine or travel guide will accept one of your ideas “on spec”, but the money you will receive can not be granted until the publication, which could be six months to a year after turning in your content.

Your income earned after becoming a travel writer can not be constant, and may be it will not be sufficient to live (at least, not at beginning).

Keep in mind that you probably need to cover your expenses while you travel. It is rare to be fully reimbursed, especially when you are starting this path : you will need to plan well and make sure you can pay for everything.

There are many online courses currently offered and some schools where you can learn how to become a travel writer.

These can be useful along your career by encouraging you to make contacts in the industry and hone your writing skills.

However, be wary of any courses that make big promises, like for example “all expenses-paid vacations” or immediate positions within companies.

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Ways to Earn as Travel Writer

There are several ways you can earn as a travel writer : creating a blog, writing a book,  founding an online magazine, selling your travel articles to newspapers and travel magazines or consider writing your content on project sites.

– Write blog posts for others. There are many blogs on the Internet, and it is difficult to find a site that does not have a blog where you can write posts.

There are blogs on virtually any topic. Register on some travel blog and give them your content. While most sites require at least a few hundred articles of words, if you have a lot of experience with regard to travel, it will not be a problem for you to complete this task.

Establish a fee and start earning. Blogs are always in need of new content, that you could provide.

– Start your own blog. Even if at beginning you do not have a lot of traffic, with people visiting your blog, you should just start producing good content and soon you will be rewarded.

Your blog is the perfect place to post your ads in the hope of selling them. A great option would be to become an affiliate partner of some activity.

– Sell your articles to newspapers and magazines on travel. You should not necessarily be a professional writer to sell your articles. If you can write well and your content is interesting, you should be able to find someone who will pay you to work with them.

– Write articles about travel search sites. The Internet is full of research sites, where you can offer and sell your work. Guru, Elance and DoMyStuff are just some of the research sites, where you will find people interested in buying your work.

And it is also possible to register for free as a provider (ie vendor) of written content.Check the ads for those looking for writing projects: you may find someone looking for just what you offer.

Sites to Find Jobs as Travel Writer

See also these sites in order to find some other good opportunities :

– BloggerJobs, full of updated blogging job opportunities;

– Freelancewritinggigs, the freelance writing jobs network;

– Indeed, a job search engine;

– Writersweekly, a site dedicated to help writers.


Good luck in your path to become a travel writer and enjoy your life !

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