How to Make Money as Tourist Guide

The tourist guide is a very interesting opportunity not only to make money, but also to stay in contact with people and to enrich your cultural baggage and interest in art, architecture, history.

It is certainly a fascinating profession if you can interact well with people, but it is not easy.

First you must have two prerequisites : the predisposition to interpersonal relationships, and knowledge of at least two foreign languages.

No matter where you come from, English is the language that you know best, followed by importance from Spanish and French, who come after in the rankings of the most spoken languages in the world.

They are also important languages such as Chinese and Japanese, as more often are the people of these nationalities to travel.

However, it really depends a lot where you live.

It is important that you are also passionate about history and traditions of your country of residence.

Tourist Guide

What You Will Need as Tourist Guide

For this work you will need a good dose of patience and communication skills.

You will need a dedicated business phone, and the required licence and insurance, depending of your country.

Usually there is an examination to get the licence.

Once passed the test, you can work in a travel agency or work for yourself, for example by sponsoring your activities on the internet with a website.

The disadvantages are due to the fact that you are working so hard at certain times of the year, while other times, for example in winter,  you work very little and then it can become stressful or it may be necessary to integrate with other work, at least in the period that there are little activities.

Of course also here depends on the country where you live, and the climate.

Over the years as a tourist guide, relying on your experience gained working in the field and your immense cultural heritage, you will become essential for tourists as your capacities becomes extremely spontaneous and you can be an advisor for almost anything.

Surely an advantage to be a tourist guide is to travel a lot and the chance to meet many people.


Good luck and enjoy your new business !

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