How to Make Money Online with CPM Advertising

For many people the online business with websites is the main source of income and it is still the dream of a lot of new bloggers.

There are various ways to make money online with advertising, but you will need to work hard creating your site and a minimum of knowledge of SEO.

Currently, the most lucrative ways to monetize a website are CPM ads, CPC ads, affiliate programs and direct sale of advertising space.

So you have a blog and you have traffic : may be you are already familiar with AdSense or Infolinks, but you still are not making much money online.

Unfortunately, as many bloggers or webmasters do, you forget that there are many types of advertising : for istance CPM advertising, that could help your blog make more money online without affecting your existing AdSense income.

After all, there is so much that you can do also to make money blogging.

CPM ads (short for “cost per thousand”) is one of the most widely way to earn online used by webmasters, especially recommended for those with high traffic sites (check here to get more visitors to your blog).

How CPM Advertising Works

CPM advertising consists of banner ads on the pages of the site and the earnings are paid by advertisers based on the number of unique views, or impressions .

CPM ads are the simplest form of monetization of the site because they require almost no effort on the part of the webmaster, but they are also less profitable because the conversion rates are very low, and the same goes for the revenue, unless that your site have very high traffic and a targeted audience.

"CPM" written next to a "$" symbol

CPM is  for Cost per Mille, and refers to the value per thousand impressions.

A blog that can generate 100,000 page views (containing the announcement) a month, at a CPM of $1, will earn $100 per month.

Useful Tips and Resources about CPM Advertising

The revenue you will receive from CPM Advertising depends on the network, the ad position and size.

The best network you will choose (of course you need to be accepted), the more will be the CPM (because the best network will have available a larger number of advertisers).

If the ad is displayed at the top of the page, the CPM will be higher than in the footer, for istance.

But pay attention to not be penalized from Google for too many ads above the fold and for thin content in your pages.

Be sure to check these tips in order to not make any bad mistakes in SEO.

Also the bigger format of the announcement (in terms of pixels) and the more will be the CPM.

The revenue range from $0.10 to about $10 per 1000 impressions (even more in some special cases).

The CPM ads work best on sites that generate many page views, for istance the forums.

Where Apply for CPM Advertising

A list of popular CPM networks for advertisers:

– BURST Media ;

– Casale Media ;

– Value Click ;

– TribalFusion ;

– Right Media .


However, you should do your own research or you could simply try them all.

I strongly recommend you this article about CPM advertising : 12 CPM Alternatives to Adsense at ProBlogger.

Enjoy making money online !

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