40 More Ways to Make Money

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Here’s the second list on 40 more ways to make money :

1 . How to make money online with games : making money from games is the dream of a lot of enthusiast people of all ages. There are numerous ways to make money from games : video game tournaments, blogging about games, becoming a video game tester, creating video games, playing in online casino with skill games or betting in national lotteries or games of chance, like scratchcards.

2 . How to make money buying and selling gold : goldas the oldest and more enduring form of legal tender, is one of the most popular investment. Investors generally buy gold as a hedge or safe haven against any economic, political, social or currency crises and instabilities.

3 . How to make money as Wedding Planner : an exciting way to make money and business is the wedding planner. If you enjoy stay with people, you can organize and you have creativity, then you can be a wedding planner.

4 . Make money online as Virtual Assistant : one of the way to make money online is offering e-services, as electronic publishing, data storage,  typing and earn as virtual assistant. The discovery of internet has made the methods of doing businesses very easy and people around the world with a pc, internet connection and telephone can actually make business without leaving your own home.

5 . How to make money opening a bar : ppening a bar could be a funny way to make money, but it is very tough : you have to think very well about this project before starting to move and you must be prepared to work hard in this business if you want to succeed. You will need patience, motivation, money to invest at beginning, experience managing a bar and if the location choosen require it, you will need a liquor license.

6 . Make Money Trading Stocks :  a profitable approach, though risky and not for all, of make money is trading stocks. People around the world  with trading online can easily invest in the U.S., Japan or U.K. stock market simply standing in front of a pc with internet connection.

7 . Make Money with Network Marketing or MLM : Multi-level marketing (MLM), (also called network marketing, direct selling and referral marketing) is a term that describes a marketing structure used by some companies as part of their overall marketing strategy.

8 . Make money with T-Shirts : a great way to make money is selling T-Shirts online or creating an offline business. T-Shirts are not expensive and popular or humorous designs are appealing and can easily sell themselves without effort.

9 . Make money offline with Franchising : there are many ways to make money offline, one of the popular ones is surely Franchising. Franchising is the practice of using another firm’s successful business model.

10 . How to make money online with Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites : a great way to make money online increasing your Google Adsense Revenue is trough a Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Site, even if you do not have a web site or blog, you can be an author on one of these sites. Revenue sharing means that you will share the income generated by clicks on the Google Ads from your articles pages with the site owner.

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11 . How to make money online with crazy ideas : a crazy idea could be a great way to make money online, if you have creativity, determination and no fear on what people will tell you at the beginning. There is no insanity if at the end you come to make huge money!

12 . Make money online with Linkshare : it is an affiliate program that have a common interface with multiple affiliate programs. LinkShare offers many companies affiliate programs and allows you as affiliate to join and earn commissions.

13 . How to make money online with HubPages : HubPages is a website designed around sharing advertising revenue for high-quality, user-generated content. HubPages differs from many other revenue-sharing sites by using the Google AdSense API to manage the revenue split with writers.

14 . Make money online with Commission Junction : it is leader as affiliate marketing program, online advertising  and search engine marketing. They offer very good opportunities for both merchants and affiliates, making easy their relationship and with their experience they offer the best results for its customers.

15 : Earn traffic with Reddit : it is a social news website,  a community where users can browse and have the option to submit links to content on the Internet or submit “self” posts that contain original, user-submitted text (more traffic = more money).

16 . Earn online with Infolinks : it is an online advertising company that provides in-text advertising services to website owners worldwide. Infolinks intelligently scans web pages using its dynamic proprietary algorithm and converts carefully selected keywords into relevant Pay Per Click (PPC) in-text ads.

17 . Earn traffic with StumbleUpon : it is a web community that allows its users to discover and rate internet pages, photos and videos. Stumble Upon can generate huge amount of traffic to a specific webpage or website that has been stumbled (more traffic = more money).

18 . Generate Traffic with Traffic Exchange : a traffic exchange is a type of website which provides a service for webmasters in exchange for traffic. It is similar to the autosurf concept with the exception that traffic exchanges usually use a manual rotation (more traffic = more money).

19 . How to make money online with Squidoo : it is a content website where you can build for free your own page, called ”lens” , create your topic and earn money from it. Squidoo has good traffic, an active community and their pages are frequently spidered by search engines.

20 . Blog Book – Create your E-book from your blog : an idea to make money is to create an E-book inspired from your blog or site. If you have good unique contents, this could be an excellent way to generate extra income selling an E-book.

Two hands full of coins

21 . Earn with AdWords : Google Adwords is the advertising program introduced by Google on the basis of a pay per click method. With Pay Per Click (PPC) system, an advertiser (You) pays only the ad placement when a searcher actually clicks on your link ( no matter if after the reader purchase from your site). This means that your advertisement runs continuously at the cost only of the number of people who visit your site.

22 . Get paid to click : Paid to Click (PTC) business is a modern way to make money online. The advertiser pay the PTC sites in order to let them show you their ads : you just sign up and you get paid for each one you click and see.

23 . Virtual gold farming : there are a lot of online games where you can earn their virtual money, aka “gold” and then sell online for real money.

24 . Earn traffic with Digg : it is a famous social media and trough this you can increase your blog traffic (more traffic = more money).

25 . Earn traffic and cash with YouTube : YouTube has billions of searches a month, second only to Google itself. Drive traffic to your videos in an efficient and relevant way by promoting your video to the scores of YouTube visitors searching for videos (more traffic = more money).

26 . Make money with Sedo : with more than 1.4 million member accounts from around the world, and trading domains in more than 20 languages, Sedo stands alone as the world’s only global domain marketplace.

27 . Earn with ClickBank : one of the most famous affiliate program around is ClickBank. They are the world’s leading largest distributor of digital products – most of all ebooks and software : you can choose between more than 30.000 products in many categories and their affiliate program is easy to join.

28 . Easy cash with Online Surveys : there are a lot of market research companies that offer paid online surveys and you can find these companies in directory like YellowSurveys, the yellow pages of paid surveys. The profit at beginning is not so high, but later in time you can make an amount of dollars that allow you to go out to dinner sometimes.

29 . Make money with Domain flipping : making money online flipping domains is one of the most profitable ways that has been around since beginning of World Wide Web. The idea is to create a website that has value to others and then sell the domain to the highest bidder.

30 . Upload files and get paid : another way to make money online is trough uploading files in certain sites and earn money every time your files are downloaded by someone.

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31 . Make money from photography : turn your passion of photography into money, selling your images to site like Break, Bigstockphoto, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, Fotolia or Crestock (this last one is for experts).

32 . Get paid to write online : a great idea if you feel good writing is thinking about getting paid for it. One of the way if you want to stay comfortably at home is to become a paid blogger of a blog network.

33 . Earn selling used items :  another way to make money online is trough sites that allow you to sell your used stuff. E-Bay is the most famous and known, as online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a large variety of goods and services worldwide.

34 . Earn with Chitika : Chitika, Inc. is a search-targeted advertising network : the name means “snap of the fingers” in Telugu, a South Indian language. Their ads can be used alongside or in alternative of Google Adsense.

35 . How to make money with E-Books : they are books in electronic format. Most popular format is the PDF file, but there are some others. You can create an E-book at almost zero cost and sell it then for almost 100% profit !

36 . Make money with Amazon as Affiliate Program : once you have launched from a while your blog, you can think about choosing Amazonas your Affiliate Program.

37 . Make money with Affiliate Programs : after create a blog and achieve a good quality level, you can think about joining affiliate programs. The Affiliate Program is an agreement in which you promise a Web merchant to sell or advertise their products and then they give you a commission based on the sales you generate.

38 . How to make money with Google Adsense : Google Adsense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes (included blogs) to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. AdSense also lets you provide Google search to your site users, while earning money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages.

39 . Create your blog : the more of your precious time you invest,
more money you will have later in time.

40 . Build your Online Business and make money :  build your online business starting from zero, choose the market, create and set up a website, build traffic and choose the best product for you to sell.


Good luck !

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  1. A free game make money and turn game money into real money! Affiliates, stocks, buy and sell your company/companies and much much more!! Fight run for government!

  2. All these 40 ways are popular ways of making money online. Thanks for sharing. This will definitely help lot of people.


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