How to Make Money with Games

A girl playing games and screaming in front of a computer screen

Making money online from games is the dream of a lot of enthusiast people of any age.

Playing video games can be funny, but earn cash by playing video games can be even more funny.

There are several ways to make money from games : video game tournaments, blogging about games, becoming a video game tester, creating video games, playing in online casino with skill games or betting in national lotteries and games of chance, like scratchcards.

A popular way to make money from games is virtual gold farming : many people around the world is living with this activity.

Earning from games requires skill, intelligence and concentration, but sometimes just luck.

Of course there are many games that are a combination of skill and luck.

Check if in any of the points below, there is something inspirational for you.

1 . Video Games Tournament

One of the way to make money with games is signing up to a professional video game tournament, that are held for istance in the United States or Canada by Major League Gaming (MLG), the North America’s first professional videogame league.

Just consider that these video game tournaments are opened to anyone .

For example GameBattles  is the world leader in online video game competition. It is a big online community of over 4 million people worldwide, where every gamer has the chance to show its skills and win cash.

After registration, the user can check a wide variety of games and multiple platforms, choosing the one he like more.

At the same time, there are also several match options for the games.

Available to the players all over the world, you can challenge anyone for real cash : one by one or with an organized team.

If you rank well in video game tournaments, you can become a Pro Gamer and get sponsored by companies that will pay you for endorsements.

This is the best position for a gamer : you will receive thousands of dollars in cash and prizes !

 2  . Game Developer

If you would like to make money becoming a game developer, you will need education, training and experience in order to start a career in the gaming industry.

After attending an high-tech college, you can apply as video game developer, programmer or graphic artist to any company in this field.

You can check this link for jobs : VideoGameJournalismJobs. Some positions are for volunteers, some others are paid.

Of course you will need passion and persistance, above all at the beginning, but if you keep working hard, your efforts will reward you soon.

3 . Blog About Video Games

A popular way to make money with games is creating a blog online about videogames.

If you are an expert and enthusiast, you will find easy to post about tips, techniques, tricks, strategies and information about your favorite games.

It is easy to start your first online blog : pick a good domain name, set up a hosting service and choose a good theme layout for your new site.

In order to get decent traffic from your blog, there are a lot of tips that you can follow.

Once you established a good number of visitors everyday to your blog, you can think about monetize the traffic displaying ads, as for example Google Adsense, Chitika or Infolinks, or decide to try with Affiliate Programs, like Commission Junction or Linkshare. 

A girl playing games and screaming in front of a computer screen

4 . Video Game Tester

One of the steps of the creation of a video game is the testing, of course before to start the production and the sale.

The game need to be first tested to make sure that it meets the required characteristics and also do not contain any bugs or defects.

This is the work done from a video game tester, that play a very crucial role in the developent of new games.

You can look online for websites that search video game testers. Be sure to not apply to scam sites.

Check this link : Only4Gamersyou can earn up to $30/hour playing and testing video games. 

5 . In-Game Real Estate

This is very popular after the creation of games like Second Life, or World of Warcraft.

These games are virtual worlds, where the user can create another life, with the feeling of living in reality.

All these games have its own economy. So for Second Life, for istance, you can buy and develop properties in the game and you can sell then for cash in the real world.

Another opportunity is to open an in-game store, selling t-shirts or pets or any other interesting stuff in the game.

Or you can even start virtual gold farming, for istance in World of Warcraft. You play, collect online gold and then you can sell it to other people for real cash. 

6 . Play Games Online for Money

Some websites allow you to win money or prizes by playing video games.

The online casino are very popular, where you can find all the fun of a real casino, but pay attention, do not put money you can not afford to lose.

This should be only for fun, not a profit for living.

Check for example Unibet. 

7 . Bet in National Lotteries

If you feel lucky, you may think to give a try with the scratchcards.

Another way is betting in national lotteries : a huge Jackpot is found at the moment in Italy with the game named “Superenalotto” .

All you need to do is invest 1 Euro and you have 2 possibilities to bet on 6 numbers choosen from 1 to 90 : if you get the right ones, you will win the Jackpot, that arrived at more than 150 millions of Euro, or else around 200 million dollars.


Good Luck and Have Fun making money with Games !

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