How to Make Money Online with Revenue Sharing Sites

A great way to make money online if you are gifted in writing is trough the Revenue Sharing Sites, and even if you do not have a web site or blog, you can be an author in these sites.

The most common program used from the revenue sharing sites is Google Adsense.

In these sites you will share the income generated by clicks on the Google Ads (or the other programs used to monetize the traffic) : some sites offer 100%, others 50%  and some others site offers 50% plus 10% from referrals.

Of course think about in writing something unique, original, useful for readers : in other words, write high quality articles.

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List of Revenue Sharing Sites

Herewith below you can find a list of sites where you can use your own AdSense ID to earn money trough your published articles.

1 . Squidoo is very popular. After you sign up, you can create single webpages, that are called “Lens”. You may earn money for yourself or decide to donate to charity.

2 . HubPages is another popular site, where you can create pages of content, called “Hub”. HubPages split the impressions with their writers on a 60:40 (60% to you, 40% to them). HubPages allow revenue sharing also with other affiliate programs, like Amazon, Ebay and Kontera.

3 . Xomba is an article directory. Splits the ad revenue with you 50/50 on everything you post.

4 . InfoPirate is a social news and bookmarking site. Create your content and get paid 80% of the Adsense revenue (since 2012-05-29 Infopirate has closed, as communication from Admin “The Capitan”).

5 . SheToldMe is another social news and bookmarking site. Create your articles and get paid 100% of the Adsense revenue.

6 . Oocuz is an article directory. You gain 100% revenue, your advertisement is shown 100% of the time and you get paid directly trough Google.

7 . Triond is a good revenue sharing website because give its users benefits from double sides : the user can get 50% Adsense revenue and 60% revenue from other advertisement programs on the Triond through their PayPal account or via Western Union.

8 . Flixya is a social network where you can share video, photo and blog posts. The Revenue Sharing is 100%.

9 . TrendHunter is a large community that lists Trends, Innovation, Fashion Trends, Style, Gadgets, Technology, Art, etc.

Earn 100% of the Google Adsense ad revenue when people click the ads on your Trend Hunter Portfolio, your gallery, and your bio. Note: This may change to 50% to cover our costs but we’ve kept the revenue sharing the same since we started in 2005.

Earn 50% of the Google Adsense ad revenue from your trend pages. Note that you also earn 50% from your article pages on Luxury Reviewer, Hot Hotel Reviews, Ad Cult, Styleteria, Techopolis, and any of our upcoming online magazine.


Have fun writing online and get paid from it !

3 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online with Revenue Sharing Sites

  1. I’ve written for a few of the sites mentioned in your article. I also write for one called bubblews. It’s a newer site and is easy to use. Who knows if it will be able to stick around though.

  2. Great post hope to give it a try because we get the backlinks,traffic and at the same time we make money so it acts like two edged sword

    Again thanks for excellent post

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