How to Make Money with T-Shirts

A popular way to make money creating a business offline or online is the creation and sale of T-shirts.

There have already been the case of experience of people who started as a joke, but then it has become their main activity.

The T-shirts have become a means to communicate in all respects.

If you are looking for a job, a girlfriend, if you want to advertise your own business or simply your Facebook profile, now one of the most original is just to tell it on your T-shirts !

How to Have Success with T-Shirts

The secret of the success with T-Shirts is simple : quality and simplicity, a nice logo, an original sentence and you are done.

The shirts are much in vogue in the social field, and are becoming a means of promotion for good.

It is no coincidence that currently the most popular color is green, synonymous with attention to protecting the environment and protect the planet.

Very popular are also the T-shirts on political or satirical caricatures of sports figures, television, or the past.

But how do you create a T-Shirts and earn money selling them?

First you have to be good designers.Create an original logo or a funny sentence.

Try to use a good quality T-shirt, the difference between a cheap quality T-shirt and a premium quality one is not a lot and can make all the difference.

You need to be able to print your t-shirts fast and also you need to be able to sell them.

A nice girl dressing a T-Shirt

How to Make Money with T-Shirts

When you find your right subject or phrase or image take advantage of this moment and remember, it won’t last forever.

Print as many t-shirts as you need for the next few days.

In order to produce your t-shirt you can a local printing wholesale or just use a print-on-demand website :

  • sign up for a free account at one of the different online print-on-demand product sites. There are some site where you can just create T-shirts, but most of these site give you options to create designs for other items;
  • create and upload your designs. You can create designs using graphic design software, photographs, drawings, or any other type of art;
  • promote your T-shirt store and start making money. Most sites pay you a percentage of the profits from each item you sell with your designs.

Another way to make money online is getting started as T-Shirts seller affiliate programs, for istance :

T Shirt Hell 

Every time you send someone to their site and they buy a shirt, they will pay you $5.

That’s right, $5 for every single shirt that’s sold.  Doesn’t matter if they are selling the shirt for $7, $10 or $19… you make $5 for each one.

They have also 2-tier program.  That means if you send someone to their site and they sign up to be an affiliate, you make $1 for every shirt they sell, too.


They will pay you $10 per sale! No other T-shirt site on the internet offers this much.

Of course you need to have a website to make money online with the above mentioned affiliate programs.


Have fun making money with T-Shirts !