Five Ways To Market Your Website

Today it’s easier than ever to design and develop your website. You can use a content management system like WordPress and install a theme.

You can hire developers cheaply on sites like Elance and And there are thousands of tutorials to teach you how to code on your own.

The problem is, while lots of people know how to get a website designed, few people know how to use their website to get sales. In this article, we cover five of the best ways to do just that.


Start a blog

When you start a blog you open up a dialogue with the world. While anyone can start a blog, very few people manage to truly build a relationship with their audience, but the results are immense for the few that do.

For a great example of this, look at Copyblogger. The founder of the blog, Brian Clark, writes about writing for the web.

Over time, he was able to use his blog to launch a series of products, most of which are related to marketing and blogging for WordPress sites.

Another great example is SEOmoz. Once a family-run SEO consultancy, blogging transformed the business into a multi-million-dollar, VC-funded software powerhouse.

Be authentic, write a lot and the results are unlimited.


Collect email addresses

Each time a visitor comes to your website, they might check you out for five minutes, but then they’re gone. But when you collect email addresses, you have a permanent chance to communicate with them and build a relationship.

This is a particularly exciting strategy because you get the chance to build a serious audience over time. Collect just 100 email addresses a month and you’ll eventually have tens of thousands of captive readers.


Work with the best professionals


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Before the web, businesses would go to a general marketing agency when they needed help selling and branding their products.

Today, the do-it-all agency model is beginning to fragment. Now there are companies that specialize in a whole range of marketing disciplines.

There are companies that help you rank in search engines, and there are companies that help you blog. In fact, there are even companies like Yodle that drive leads to your local business.

When you look at the reviews of Yodle, it’s clear they’re doing something right, and that’s all because they have a degree of specialization that lets them become true experts in their disincline.


Get involved in social media


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Get your business on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. These sites have huge amounts of traffic and they’re where your customers spend most of their time.

While it’s easy to spend time aggressively promoting your business, you’ll see better results when you take a step back and have a conversation with your customers.


Invest in search

Search engine optimization is one of the best and cheapest ways to acquire customers. If you start building links to your websites, the results will truly pay off over time.

You should also make sure you write quality content. Without it, ranking will be difficult.


2 thoughts on “Five Ways To Market Your Website

  1. Is there any difference a website a a blog?
    This post has brought in some sort of enlightenment w.r.t how well get the best results for a website.
    It’s a masterpiece and I enjoyed every piece of it.

  2. Hello

    Informative Post and interesting also.well i like your 5 ways which you have mentioned in your post but really Ac. to me Blogging is the best way for the marketing and sure i will try your ways and i hope we will get +ve results. Thanks for sharing with us.

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