How to Make Money as a Massage Therapist

The Massage Therapist is a professional who specializes in doing massage for the purpose of beauty or relaxation.

Not to be confused with massages for rehabilitative purposes that they are dealing with only the physiotherapist and the physiotherapist and are not discussed in this article.

Become a massage therapist means deciding to listen to others’ body, touch it, cure it.

What is the path of those who decide to become a massage therapist ?

The World of Massage

The technique of massage is the oldest form of body therapy, used by different civilizations and cultures distant in time and space, to allow you to relieve pain and fatigue, relaxing the muscles.

Today, massage techniques have their place within the physical therapy, beauty treatments and alternative medicine, with different purposes.

Becoming a massage therapist, therefore, means having to deal with a vast array of addresses : relaxing massage of muscles, along with sports massage, painkillers and draining.

Or, looking forward East, the most interesting massage techniques are represented by the Shiatsu massage, Ayurvedic massage, Tui Na, Do-In, and Thai massage.

Becoming a massage therapist means to implement precise sequential operations, concentrated in the direction of muscle fibers, with attention to the direction of the venous circulation (from the ends toward the center represented by the heart).

For a toning effect, use rapid and decisive movements, while for a calming effect you will have a series of slow and tender movements.

The concepts of energy of the Eastern schools are concentrating on paths called meridians.

The massage techniques allow a wide range of benefits, ranging from relaxation to muscle force, to eliminate the stress and restore the dormant energy in certain parts of the body, from the muscle re-education to the care of the overall well being.

Some massage techniques also allow a valid form of prevention, suggesting a contact aimed at correcting an organic imbalance. Each of these techniques is different for addresses, tools and concepts of energy used.

The most popular massage techniques are opened to anyone who wants to regain vigor, improve your fitness, relax your mind or simply be pampered.

A woman receving massages

Becoming a Massage Therapist : the Legislation

You need to check in your country how the massage therapist professional is regulated.

At European level, there are countries in which operators of disciplines such as Shiatsu, for instance, have a clear recognition by the state and may exercise freely.

The certificates issued by schools of massage are so recognized at the national level, but usually do not enable the profession.

It is useful, as an adjunct preparatory, participate in activities and support centers such as the aesthetic, spas, hotels or structures with attached wellness centers and learn from physiotherapists or doctors, if they are professionally recognized.

For the opening of your own business (such a private study or work at home) check again in your own country, how this is regulated.

Training as Massage Therapist

There are different courses and seminars, with different levels of specialization.

The massage courses intending to train professionally qualified individuals, able to have an analytical approach and communicative professional that help understand and recognize the anatomical and aesthetic disharmonies, in order to identify the most suitable massage techniques and use the most appropriate solution to of the problem.

Among the courses to become a massage therapist there are anatomy, physiology, etiology, together with theoretical and practical exercises.

Added to these mentioned ones, there are the basic massage techniques such as antidepressant or slimming massage, massage treatment of hypertension, visceral massage massage, neuro-regeneration and so on.

It is understood that the programs of study vary depending on the courses and massage school choice.

Also of course here, this depends on your country.

In recent years, it is increased the number of people who are devoting more time to self-care, beauty and relaxation.

Enjoy helping people with massages and good luck in making money with your new business !

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  1. Interesting post! The power of touch is really amazing. I guess becoming a massage therapist is a good idea. Aside from it pays good, you can also touch the lives of others by alleviating their pain. And that’s really fulfilling.

  2. Great posting! It is indeed a good idea to be a massage therapist. It is very fulfilling that you would be able to alleviate the pain of others thru your touch. Thanks for sharing this information.

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