How to Make Money Online with Data Entry Jobs

The work of data entry has become a popular way to earn some extra money on the internet.

This is a fairly easy job and it can be done by all those who have experienced even a minimal knowledge of computers.

If you are quick with the keyboard and you can write at a reasonable speed, then you can certainly make some cash with this job.

More and more websites and companies need people to help them inserting data into a database.

In order to become as efficient as possible in this type of work and operate with a high level of precision, you need to do some practice.

The downside of this type of work is that it can be low-income and become very repetitive.

What Type of Work is Data Entry

Practically, you need to place the data online. The data can be taken from paper documents, letters, forms, legal documents, old documents, strings, programming and more.

Data entry is one of the largest online jobs, since there are many companies who are looking for people to work online, paying you a fixed cost on an hourly basis, just as if you were an employee.

The salary may be low, but if you have the opportunity to write to your computer very quickly, then you also have the opportunity to include more data and make more money.

A girl working on her laptop seated on stairsToday there are hundreds of data entry jobs available on the internet.

Every day in fact there are new companies looking for people who want to work from home with a job like this. For these companies, outsource can cut costs and personnel expenses.

This is a good job with which you might round up your paycheck. The Internet is also this fact : it allows, even if you have already a job, to earn extra money.

How You Can Start Working with Data Entry

Before you start your online data entry job, be sure to investigate the site well on

The most popular place where you can seek is

You may also be able to find a data entry career by going to : there is a huge list of real data entry companies that are hiring. You will have to submit them a resume and you may get the job.

After you have created your resume you will want to search for data entry companies : if they require a fee they are most likely a scam.

You could also go to and look up data entry clerk or data processing in the search field.

Some other interesting sites to make your research :

– ;

– ;

– .

Consider expanding your search, including virtual assistant jobs.

These are more prevalent than just data entry and include skills like transcription, email management, editing services and other administrative assistant support tasks.


Good luck making some money online with data entry jobs !

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