How Might Brexit Affect Leisure in the UK


 Although there is still a great deal of dispute about the route that the UK will take on its way out of the European Union, it looks like Brexit will have a significant impact upon the living standards of everybody living in the United Kingdom.

It’s changes in the leisure habits of British people that could be hardest to immediately quantify. But with everything from holiday activities to online games being affected by this huge political decision, it poses interesting questions about how the largest UK leisure companies will react.

With the fluctuations in the value of the British pound raising fears of inflation and an economic slowdown, it will probably follow that consumer confidence will decrease and people will spend less on luxury items and expensive days out.


 The high streets of British cities have already been decimated by the online retail revolution, and it could also be the case that everything from cinemas to casinos will struggle with the fact that people will have less disposable income for leisure activities.

Along with the troubling spectre of inflation, the rising cost of living has meant that there are calls for some of our top attractions to cut their admission prices as a means of boosting audience attendance.

This comes at a time where the likes of Netflix have provided a cheap and easy alternative to the traditional cinema experience. In addition to this, online casino sites like Betway have made significant headway in the way that they have allowed people to sign up to see their online slots as a way of enjoying a much more convenient and cheaper way to play these classic games.


 Issues of convenience will also affect the tourism industry with the weaker pound meaning that fewer of us will head overseas for our holidays. Not only will more of us choose to stay in the UK, but more overseas holidaymakers will come to Britain and help strengthen our already well-established tourism infrastructure.

The weaker pound may also help many of our homegrown food and drink providers that could see people looking locally for their nightlife opportunities. And rather than traditional high streets offering a retail-only experience, this article suggests that more experience-based leisure opportunities could offer the best way of increasing footfall.

So although the UK faces an uncertain future, it looks like the diversity between bricks-and-mortar establishments like restaurants and cinemas, and streaming services and online gaming sites will offer the most robust challenge to the difficult economic times ahead.


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