5 Small Business Ideas You’ll Want to Consider in 2017

Do you want to be your own boss in 2017?

Do you want to take advantage of the growing economy and finally pursue your entrepreneurial dreams?

Then continue reading to learn about five small business ideas that you should consider.


1. Social Work Practice

There are a variety of paths that you can take within the realm of social work, including starting your own business that will allow you to make a difference in the lives of others every day. Just be prepared to put in a lot of time to get the right education and licensure to qualify for this type of work. Attending a school like Rutgers University is an ideal place to start, as they offer MSW online programs that will allow you to get your masters in social work online from wherever you live. This will prepare you for the exciting challenges that this dynamic field offers.



2. Creative Services

With so many creative services out there, if you are an imaginative and artistic individual, you can find your way towards your own small business doing what you love. Whether you enjoy photography, videography, graphic design, web design, interior design, or anything else, you can start a creative business that will allow you to put those skills to work for a variety of clients every day.

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3. Consulting Services

Business consultants are in high demand because there are a lot of companies out there that have been struggling over the last few years just to keep their doors open. As a business consultant, you will go into a workplace and thoroughly analyze its operations from top to bottom. You will then collect, organize, and analyze data about the organization to help you draft and present reports that outline your recommendations for change so that the business can succeed.


4. Accounting and Tax Preparation

Another field that requires highly skilled experts is accounting and tax preparation. As an accountant with the right education and experience, you will be ready to start your own business in which you can help others achieve their financial goals. You can assist individuals in a variety of ways, including helping them figure out how they can get out of debt and how to prepare their taxes. And you can also work with businesses of all sizes in order to help them maintain accurate records of their profits and expenses, as well as prepare their taxes.


5. Event Planning

Event planners are in high demand, not only by brides who want to pull off a fantastic wedding, but also by businesses that host special events throughout the year. So if you are a highly organized individual, you don’t mind dealing with tight deadlines and unexpected challenges, and you like working in a fast-paced environment, you can start an event planning business and begin taking on a wide array of clients.

These are just five of the many small business options that you can consider in 2017. Remember that the right education will give you the best foundation for your success.

3 thoughts on “5 Small Business Ideas You’ll Want to Consider in 2017

  1. Hi,

    Among all the five small business ideas, I loved the “Event Planning” most and the best. haha, perhaps it could be my next goal.

    And that’s right. As marriage doesn’t come in a person’s life year after year and mostly once in the whole life. So, spending an smart amount event can’t make them hesitated to decide. If I can plan with some different excellent ideas, I can surely grow it to a great money making business.

    Thank you buddy for making sense for such an awesome idea! 😉

  2. Hi,

    Great writing. Creative service is a good option if someone has something in their head.

    What about home improvement related startup business? I am hardcore DIY lover. So I am planning.


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