How to index your blog in Google quickly and effectively

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Everyone knows that unique articles is the most essential factor to rank highly in the search engines.

However , expecting for visitors to visit your site might take a very long time if you will not do your part in promoting and linking your site to other sites.

Making your blog or website to be quickly and effectively indexed by search engines especially Google as it is the most used by internet users takes time and effort.

Trying to use black hat methods is not advisable as this may cause your site to be banned by Google and that is not profitable in the long run.

Actually, there are effective yet ethical ways of doing it.

Below are a few quick and effective ways to get your blog listed in Google.


1. Make a sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster

A sitemap is an XML doc on the serve of your website that basically provides listings of every page of your site or blog.

It is usually a good strategy to make your blog’s sitemap where the urls of your site exist and submitting this to Google webmaster to make sure that your site will crawl on Google.

Sitemap informs the search engines whenever a new post or page has been added and exactly how many times these search engines check back  your site for the changes you make on certain pages.

To generate a sitemap of your blog or site, you can utilize well-known wordpress plugins such as  XML sitemaps for Google.

Global Blogging & Social Networks


2. Register a free account in blog communities

To quickly and effectively index your website by Google, you have to find out Google high ranking.

In so doing, Google has no other option but to index your web site as you link  to those blog communities. examples of the higher ranking blogs  are Blogged, MyBlogLog, Klinkk and Blogcatalog.

You don’t have to wait for traffic to come to your site.

Register to those blogs and link your website o them but keep in mind to list your website or blog in the correct category.


3.  Check out the worth of your website by making use of stats and valuation sites

Due to the fact stats and valuation sites are usually have higher rankings in Google, verifying the worth of your  web sites by using them will help Google to quickly index your website.

A unique page for your website is going to be created and may subsequently be classified by Google.

Among the best valuation sites are BuiltWith, StatBrain, , WhoIs, CubeStat,  QuarkBase and URLfan.


4. Sign up to social Sites

Sign up to Social networking sites using your blogs’ name as your username.

It is tested effective for the major search engines to index your website.

Be consistent in using the name of your blog as your username in leading social networks like Facebook,LinkdIn, Tumblr and Twitter and  you will see an improvement in your site’s popularity.


5. Utilize feed aggregators

Enroll your websites feeds to aggregators such as OctoFinder, Feed-Squirrel and FeedAdage.

These well-known feed aggregators will instantly keep track of your most current articles or blog posts and index them.

Each time a visitor clicks on your blog post, he will be directed to your original post and  traffic will bes sent to you  at no cost and allow your recent post on your blog indexed by Google.

This is one of the best ways to  index your website by Google quickly and effectively.


7. Write articles regularly

Consistency is the best policy. This adage can be applied to blogging.

Consistently write 1-2 articles or blog posts everyday as this will surely help you to improve your crawling rate.

Update your blog post regularly, so that crawler will return to your website each time some fresh contents are posted.


8. Update your Ping Listing in WordPress

Each time a new article is posted on your blog,  ping services will ping  search engines like google.

The most number of ping services you’ve got, the greater traffic you will get!

So embed ping sites as much as possible on your WordPress settings.


8 thoughts on “How to index your blog in Google quickly and effectively

  1. I completely agree with you regarding making account on the blogging communities but could you please suggest me how to link the website with them ???

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for sharing such a usefull information for post indexing. I just used webmaster tool and regular posting for fast indexing. But after reain this post i got more option.

  3. Nice tips by the guest author.

    I am aware of few points which were listed here but will try to follow the missed ways for my future blogs for fast indexing. Hope this post would help the newbie bloggers to index their blog quickly.

    Ping sites, sitemaps and blogging communities would really makes the search engines to crawler the blog fast.

    Thanks for sharing this good post with us 🙂

  4. Hey mate,

    Interesting share! I have yet to hear about feed squirrel but will certainly check it out.

    I think the best way is to always use sitemap and submit them to google. Yoast SEO does this perfectly well.

  5. Excellent and useful resource! Well, didn’t about feed aggregate services, I will surely check them out. Thanks for this wonderful share !

  6. Hi Nadeem
    i completly agree with your all points. Really useful information. i feel that it is the best way to create you blog sitemap.
    thanx for sharing this post
    Happy Blogging.

  7. Hey, Why there is fluctuation in blog indexing. I have seen, my pages indexed and suddenly disappeared from google. Is it normal?

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