5 Easy Ways To Turn Boring Products Into Must-Have Items!

There’s no denying there is a plethora of boring products out there!

Some of those items may have plenty of practical uses today. But, because they are unappealing, they seldom get used by consumers.

Are you unfortunate enough to sell such products? If so, you might be thinking about cutting your losses and stop selling those items.

What if I told you there was a way to turn those boring things into a massive and instant success?


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You might be thinking that I’m talking nonsense, right?

The truth is one can improve the appeal of any boring product!

It’s quite straightforward and easier than you think!

Let me share with you five easy ways to illustrate what I mean:


1. Redesign the exterior of the product

Perhaps the best change you can make that has the biggest impact is to redesign the exterior!

Take PC cases, for example. They are perhaps the most boring items you’ll ever come across. The thing is; they are a crucial element of any computer system.

You could turn a boring PC case into a sleek, trendy-looking one just by making some exterior changes! You might even change the shape slightly, offering a more sculpted look.

2. Create limited edition styles

Sticking with our PC case example, what’s stopping you from creating limited edition versions? For instance, let’s say that the majority of people that buy the case are gamers.

You could license certain gaming characters and paint those images onto your PC cases. After all; a Fallout 4 case is more interesting to look at than a plain black or beige one!


Image via Pixabay


3. Use different materials to design your products

Some product designers find that just changing the material used can achieve better results! Let’s say that you use metal for the exterior of your products. Why not use plastic instead?

Of course, you’ll need to learn about plastic molding if you go down that route.  

Consider going on a course with Paulson Plastics Academy if you want to work with plastic. You might even wish to use more than one type of plastic for your product!


4. Rebrand your product

You might not think it, but sometimes the product itself isn’t to blame, but the branding is! The sad truth is that some companies fail to put much thought into their product branding.

If you have the wrong branding, you’re sending a negative message to your audience. I recommend working with a marketing expert to help you rebrand and recapture the market!


5. Improve the user interface

Last, but not least, consider revising the way people use your product. Does it have an electronic menu system? If so, try to make it more intuitive and inspiring.

Remember that you should design your products for consumers, not yourselves! It might be worth doing some research with existing customers. Doing so can help you find out what they don’t like about your product’s user interface.


I hope you’ve found today’s blog post useful.

Let us know how you’ve improved your products. Good luck!

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