How Your Business Can Stream Its Live Events?

Are you in the business of hosting live events, such as conferences, webinars, and panel discussions?

Or are you interested in streaming your podcast to a live audience, essentially making you a radio or television broadcaster?

Hosting live events is a great way to start a side business.

And if you’ve already built a large audience, you should think about how you could add live events to your offerings to grow your business.

It’s not that difficult, considering the technologies that are readily available for you to stream live events to a global audience.

Let’s look at two options.


Specialized Online Platforms

Specialized online platforms such as Periscope, GoToWebinar, Google+ Hangouts and Meerkat allow to broadcast your live events.

But these tools won’t offer you and your audience the best possible experience.

In addition to limiting the number of people that can participate in live events, you don’t own the platform.

Just as Facebook changes its algorithms to reduce organic reach, these platforms can change the rules unexpectedly, making it difficult for you to reach your audience consistently.

To safeguard your business from the wimps of these tech companies, you’re better off using your own systems.



Broadband Applications

Luckily there are other platforms available that completely eliminate the risk that you’ll lose your audience after you’ve worked hard to earn their trust.

Using broadband applications give you complete control over how you interact with your audience.

Eutelsat’s NewsSpotter is an affordable broadband application for starters.

The device uses satellite transmissions to distribute High Definition and/or Standard Definition live videos in a fast and highly cost effective manner.

NewsSpotter is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs who want to build an audience through live videos because anyone can learn to use the device.

NewsSpotter is lightweight enough to carry anywhere in a backpack, or mounted on a vehicle.

It takes 15 minutes to setup a manual NewsSpotter system and 2 minutes for a truck system to start transmitting data.

The NewsSpotter was originally built for terrestrial broadcasting, so it offers speeds of up to 10Mbps, which makes it possible to distribute feeds at much higher data rates; a very important factor when streaming live events.

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