The Ultimate Guide To Becoming An Online Celebrity

Nobody ever said that making money online had to be boring.

In fact, there are lots of unique and unusual ways in which you can earn a living. Some people start businesses that sell products. Others decide to do something a little different.

The internet is a wonderful tool that can make or break future stars. Selling yourself online by becoming a celebrity is just one cool way you could create income streams.

Once you become internet-famous, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

In this post, we’ll show you the best strategy for making that happen.

celebrity picture

Start blogging

You probably recognise the face on the right-hand side of that image. His name is Perez Hilton, and he’s made millions from becoming an online celeb.

You should follow in his footsteps if you want to become rich.

Starting a blog is a brilliant way of gaining a little more attention. Try to be as controversial as possible in everything you write.

That is how you will encourage people to remember your name. Just don’t say anything that is overly offensive.


Take lots of selfies

Lots of online celebrities started out by posting hundreds of selfies on social media websites. You could walk down that path if you’re serious about becoming famous.

Make sure you get lots of snaps of yourself with fans and try to get other celebs in on the act.

You could buy tickets to some gigs and shows to ensure you bump into the right people. Internet users won’t realise you were simply a guest at the show.

They will presume you have lots of celebrity friends. That will improve your standing.


Do something worthwhile

There are many people who have become famous online for nothing at all. Just imagine the success they would achieve if they did something worthwhile.

You should try to think of an idea that would make you seem more than just a wannabe.

Maybe you should write a book on all your interesting experiences? Perhaps designing a clothing range would make sense?

All those ideas will also help you to create more income streams.


Get mentioned on celebrity blogs

Once your fame starts to grow, you should get lots of attention from all corners of the internet. Ideally, you want people to write about you on celebrity websites and blogs.

Writers at Just Richest only release posts about the most successful people in the world. Just imagine what it would do to your public perception if you were mentioned on a site like that.

You could go from zero to hero overnight. It’s worth remembering that some blog owners will write anything for enough cash. So, it is possible that you could buy your way into the industry.


All those tips should help to get you started. Now you just need to find your niche and exploit it as much as possible.

When all’s said and done, there is always going to be an element of luck involved.

You shouldn’t rely on becoming an online celebrity for income.

However, it’s a cool little side project for anyone who doesn’t mind putting their face out there.

Make sure you let us know if this post helped you to become famous!



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