Five Good Reasons to Get Insurance for Your Phone and Other Gadgets

Insurance On Smartphone Showing House Financial Security

When you buy a new iPhone, Galaxy or other popular mobile device, there is usually an offer of insurance that comes with it.

There are also companies who specialise in insuring people’s mobiles, tablets, laptops and other important tech gear, like Protect Your Bubble insurance.

However, a lot of people, no matter how much they love and depend on their phones and other gadgets, don’t see insurance as a worthwhile investment.

Here are five good reasons why you should consider insuring your mobile and other gear.


Mobile Phone Theft is on the Rise

Smartphone theft is one of the most common crimes there is, all over the world. Smartphones are seen as being easy to take and easy to sell on, despite the fact that many phones now have technology that locks and wipes them if they are taken.

While there are lots of things you can do to keep yourself and your phone safe, they aren’t fool proof. With insurance, if your phone is stolen, it is just a minor inconvenience rather than a major problem.


Technology Can Only Do So Much

While there is a lot of technology that can be used with your phone to help protect you if your phone is stolen or help you relocate a missing phone, thieves and people who unblock phones work almost as fast as the mobile developers, and will often find ways around these things.

If you rely solely on software to protect your phone, you may find yourself at a loss.

Insurance On Smartphone Showing House Financial Security


Your Data Is Precious

If somebody takes your phone, they may not just have access to your hardware, but to your personal data.

If they can get into your phone they will be able to see your contact list, your emails, your Facebook and Twitter accounts and anything else you have stored on your phone.

This data is valuable and you need to protect it with passwords and codes, as well as insure your phone itself.


Phones Can Be Fragile

While they make phones as tough and durable as possible, most models can’t withstand literally anything.

A drop, or getting submerged in water will ruin most phones irreparably, and even minor problems like a cracked or scratched screen can render a phone unusable and be expensive to fix.

If your phone is insured, you can get the phone fixed or replaced at no cost to yourself.


Home Insurance Isn’t Always Sufficient

If you think your phone is covered by your home insurance, you may well be wrong. In many cases phones are covered only up to a certain value, which is often a lot lower than the cost of replacing a top end smartphone.

Also, you may have to name your phone as a specific valuable item that is taken outside of the home, and many people forget to do this.

Getting your phone its own insurance policy means you don’t need to worry about gaps in what your home insurance includes.
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