Location: A Business Owner’s Key To Success

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You might think that the only things that matter about your business are the services and products you provide. You’d be wrong. In actual fact, there’s so much more depth to a profit-making company than the services they provide. Everything has to be considered in careful detail, and that includes the location of your business

Whether you’re looking to buy or start afresh, the following tips will help you along the way.



You can’t expect to start up a new and exciting youth-focused business in an area that’s full of the elderly. I’ve seen this happen far too many times, and it always results in disappointment. This is why market research is crucial before you go buying or setting up the business.

Find out what the local area is like in terms of your target demographic. Are you going to achieve success here, or will it be a constant struggle? You should get a fairly good idea.



What’s the point of going into business alongside a vast proportion of established competitors? You need to stand out and make a name for yourself. If there’s too many similar businesses in the local area, you can’t do that.

You’ll just be seen as oversaturating the market, and there aren’t enough reasons for customers to flock to you. Ideally you want to target a market that will be interested in your products, but aren’t currently serviced by local competitors.


Your Personal Requirements

You can take all this time to think about your business requirements without thinking about yourself. You’re going to have to live in this area to operate your business effectively.

What does that mean for you and your family? Make sure you’re happy, and you’ve got plenty of reasons to buy a business in the area. Don’t just focus on the business elements; it’s important to be settled.

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Rent Costs

Undoubtedly, the business will come with many additional costs. You’ll be renting premises — huge premises in some cases. This will either mean that you buy them outright, or you rent them on an ongoing basis.

These rental options need to be scouted out ahead of time. You might just find that the same sized building is more expensive in one area than it is in another. You don’t want to waste money for no reason!



It’s important to consider the style of business that you’re creating/inheriting. If you place yourself in the middle of a business park, you’ll be surrounded by formality. That’s OK to a point, but if you’re an ultra-casual operation, it might create the wrong impression.

Similarly, setting yourself up in the middle of a street and going overly-formal might harm the business. The way in which you approach attitudes towards formality, style and service is important when deciding a location.


There’s a lot to digest there, so take some time to let it sink in. Location isn’t something to take lightly when establishing a business. It can be the single biggest factor in determining success or failure in some cases!

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