The Perfect Small Business Ideas For Extroverts

Business success is very much down to choosing the right venture for you. As many people would have you believe, it’s not just about having the right skills and experience, although those are also important.

One of the most important factors to starting a business that succeeds is taking into account your personality. Say, for example; you’re someone who is shy and quiet. Then working in a role that requires you to be the center of attention probably wouldn’t work well. There are certain roles that are suited to certain people, and it’s important to realize that.

Today, we’re going to look at the perfect small business ideas for extroverted people – aka an outgoing, sociable person. There are some businesses that as an extrovert, you have the ability to do incredibly well at.




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Running a profitable retail business, such as a coffee shop or clothing stores, takes a certain kind of person. To have any chance of being success you need to not only have a good business plan in place but also need to be friendly. To encourage sales, you need to be willing to chat openly about your products with people and be happy to suggest extra items to them.

For example, in a coffee shop, as well as making them the coffee that they’ve asked for, you should always ask if you can tempt them with a cake. When they waver, saying things like ‘they’re all homemade’ and ‘they’re really tasty’ are what you need to do. For extroverts, this shouldn’t be a problem. Hence why starting a retail business is ideal for sociable and confident people.


Real estate

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Do you have the gift of the gab? If so, then starting a real estate business could be perfect for you. As a realtor, you need to have the ability to chat openly with people. You also need to be confident enough to encourage your clients to buy a certain property. Sometimes, people can need a little gentle persuasion to buy, and that’s where you come in.

As well as being able to persuade people that a property is perfect for them, it’s important that you also have the right support in place. This means using the right software, to ensure that every part of your business is running smoothly. Thanks to technological advancements, there’s technology for everything.

You can find a client a property that’s perfect for them, simply by filling in an online form. Or, you can even compare real estate commission online and work out what you’ll earn on each property. As well as having software to help, it’s also essential to have a team of reliable staff on hand.


Law firm


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If you have a law degree are always happy to speak your mind, then starting a law firm could be the ideal small business for you. The thing about running a law firm is that you have to be confident enough to deal with a range of clients and manage a team of other lawyers. That’s why starting a law firm isn’t for the faint-hearted. It requires someone who is happy and confident enough to speak their mind.


So there you have it, three small business ideas that are perfect for extroverts.


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