How to Make Money Selling Advertising Space on Your Car

Advertising on vehicles is an effective and long lasting way to reach audience, as thousands of people will see your advertisement on the roads.

Selling advertising on your car is a great way to make some extra money.

You may even think about advertise your own business for free on your own car, as you can reproduce any image : company logo, photograph, graphics for every request, from simple address to cover the entire vehicle.

Technology help you here, you may want to use photo-realistic conformable vinyl film to have great orreflective effect during night.

The process is basically some advertisement that is either painted on or attached to your car.

Companies usually choose their own fleet cars, but sometimes they also choose to advertise by paying normal drivers a determined amount of money per month.

Normally there are a few requirements, but these are easy to accomplish with a daily routine : for istance, some companies should tell you that you must drive at least 300 miles each month or you must park your car in highly populated area.

There are actually people that are making money by advertising on their vehicle :  as average you may gain an extra income of around $500 per month.

A car filled with "Yahoo" advertising

Conditions to Sell Advertising Space on Your Car

These are the conditions that you must met before you apply for a car advertising program :

– you need to be at least 18 years old;

– you need to have a valid driving license;

– you need to own a clean car;

– you need to have an excellent driving record (see your insurance).

Once you are accepted to a car advertising program, you need to sign an agreement that inform about the distance that you drive daily and the time that you spend in your vehicle.

The car advertisement programs are in high demand between drivers, as you may gain some extra money participating.

In order to find a company that offers these services, you can search online with specific footprints, for istance “get paid to drive” or “car advertising space” or “car ads“.

You can also search in forums, so you may check the people experience in a determined company that offer car advertisement program and decide if apply or not.

On the other side, you can also think to talk to your local businesses by yourself offer them this service.

Make sure you find out what is the average prices for each size of advertisement space, before you should agree on any price with a company who wants you to advertise for them.

Usually the average cash received is something between $500 a month, depending on the car you have, the population of your city and average miles that you drive each month.

If you have a large Truck , then you should ask more money, up to $1,000-1,500 each month if the entire truck is covered.

Here below you can find some useful links :

  • AdSmart
  • AdWraps
  • AutoWrapped
  • Autowraps


Good luck selling advertising space on your car !

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