Mistakes You Must Avoid When Hiring New Employees

Hiring new employees might seem easy in theory. You put up a job application, setup interviews, and pick the best ones.

That’s right in a nutshell, but there are lots of mistakes you can make when hiring too.

Take a look and make sure you avoid these mistakes when hiring in future.


Making Experience More Important Than it Ise

Although experience can be of help, it isn’t as important as everybody makes out.

So many employers won’t be flexible when it comes to employing people with experience, but this could be a huge mistake.

You might be missing out on the most amazing employee because you’re overlooking their personality in favour of experience.

In fact, it can be better in some cases to hire somebody who has no experience, so they come to you with no bad habits. Experience isn’t everything!


Not Being Clear Enough of What You Want

You need to be super clear on what you want so that you hire the right person. They want to be the right candidate for you, and vice versa.

If you’re not clear, how they can they be sure they’re doing the job to a high enough standard in your eyes?

Make sure you are clear on everything you want before you even put out a job advertisement.

Read up on employment law services too so you know you’re doing everything the legit way.

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Failing to Focus on Bringing Something Unique to the Table

Lots of employers think it’s a good idea to hire people just like them.

While this isn’t always a bad idea, you want to focus on bringing something unique to the table.

Having a diverse team of people that can all bring something unique is what will make you thrive and succeed.


Putting Too Much Emphasis on Education

Formal education can help, but like experience, it isn’t always a must.

It can be impressive, but do you really need it in what you’re looking for?

Perhaps you’d be better focusing on personality traits and skills rather than education.

Make sure you’re open minded!


Failing to Consider a Cultural Fit

A cultural fit is just as important as having a good fit on paper.

They need to fit in with the rest of your team, and your brand ‘personality’ so to speak.

If they don’t, things could start to go wrong pretty quickly.


Talking Too Much

It can be easy to go off on a tangent and start talking too much during the interview process. Don’t.

Ask questions that get straight to the point and let the interviewee do most of the talking.

You want to get a feel for their skills and personality, and you can’t do that while you’re chatting away.

Have a list of things to ask them to help you stay on track.

Feel free to improvise a bit to get a feel for their personality, though!


Bear all of this in mind when hiring new employees and you’ll struggle to go wrong.

Good luck!

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