Things to Consider When Looking for Office Space in Wellington

For younger businesses and entrepreneurs, finding that first dream office can be tricky. The budget is small, the options are limited, and there’s no telling how soon you’ll need to abandon the lease to accommodate expansion. This can be a costly process, because most office leases lock occupants in to a twelve month contract. They either have to stick with an unsuitable workspace or find the money to rent a second until the lease runs out.

This is simply not a viable option for most. It compromises the ability to adapt and adjust to shifting market trends and this is vital for a new business. Fortunately, there is a solution that can provide everything your company needs to start growing and thriving. With serviced offices, you can rent and move into a space that is ready to use. They are fully equipped, filled with state of the art tools and resources, and they are even cleaned and maintained for you.

Or, alternatively, if you are an entrepreneur with even more flexible needs, you might want to consider a virtual office. Visit for more information on the packages available at Servcorp. You can choose from both serviced and virtual office solutions, in Wellington. While they both share some features – like a dedicated mailing address and phone line – virtual workspaces are communal and operated on a pay as you go basis.

Whether you’re planning to go virtual or serviced, this guide to picking a great office space in Wellington will help you make the right choice.


Invest In Technical Support


The very best serviced and virtual workspaces are backed up by a robust and highly qualified tech support team. As all of the computer equipment and software is provided by the vendor, it is their responsibility to maintain and care for it. So, when looking for a suitable office in Wellington, make sure that you ask about access to IT support.


Consider the Size of the Space

The size of the office that you need will depend entirely on how you plan to use it. For example, if you’re a lone entrepreneur and you’re used to working on the move, you might not need a dedicated office space at all.

A virtual workspace could be the right choice, because it gives you the freedom to spend time in an environment built for business, without the associated expenses. You simply turn up, use the resources that you need, and leave when you like.


Setting Up a New Office

On the other hand, if you do need a dedicated private space, but you don’t want to get locked into a costly lease, opt for serviced offices. They provide everything that your team could ever need, without any of the responsibilities.

You pay a fixed monthly fee and everything from heating, lighting cleaning, tech support, secretarial assistance, and more is included. This is the best option for new companies that are keen to hit the ground running and start trading as quickly as possible.


Think About Communication

There are all kinds of different communication setups available at serviced and virtual offices. Within virtual workspaces, the amount of choice on offer is more important, because you’re not operating from a space that you own outright.

However, most do provide a personal phone line and you can instruct the onsite receptionists to handle your calls in the way that you like. You can also get them to transfer office calls to a personal, offsite number or have them stored on a secure answering machine service.


Choose Servcorp for the Best Offices in Wellington

With Servcorp, businesses get the chance to operate out of a prestigious corporate address. From its Wellington locations, the vendor provides high quality serviced and virtual office spaces. Both are available on a pay to use basis, so that companies can retain that all important level of control and flexibility.


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