The Benefits of Using a Promotional Cart for Your Business

Fairs, festivals and sports games are the perfect events to set up your food vendor. You may even decide to sell your food outside a university, hospital or mall. Setting up a table and chair makes it difficult to move around the area, and it may not look professional to your customers. There are many people who use promotional carts for their food vendor. If you are unsure of this decision, here are several benefits of using a promotional cart for your business.


Customized For Your Business

You can have your promotional cart customized with a graphic that represents your business, such as a colorful ice cream cone. Your promotional cart can also be customized with your business name or logo. The features include signage or digital menus, and the designs range from a tricycle cart to a bamboo cart.


Designed For Different Types of Food

You can sell anything from hot dogs to ice cream at your vendor, and this is why the carts are designed for different types of food. The hot dog carts are designed to keep your hot dogs warm, and there are various spaces for your condiments, ice and beverages. The ice cream carts keep your ice cream cold with various spaces for cones and toppings. You can also find carts designed for pizza, sandwiches, pretzels and hot beverages. The carts include the right serving equipment for your business.


Made of Durable Materials

The carts are made of durable materials to withstand constant use and the weather. Every cart features an aluminum diamond plate floor, stainless steel cabinet doors and welded tubular steel frames. The other features include stone counter tops and customized umbrellas. Protect your food with the glass and lexan sneeze guards.


Meets The Safety Requirements

Your promotional cart meets the NFPA part 255 safety requirements for areas such as malls, hospitals and convention centers. It also meets the NSF Part 59 requirements for safety and sanitation. This means your cart is safe enough for your customers and specific areas.

You can rent more than just promotional pushcarts for your business. The selection also includes steam table carts, kiosks, food service trailers and food or ice cream trucks. The carts and trucks can be used regular daily business hours or special events.

Start increasing your business by ordering a promotional cart for your food and beverages.

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