The Top Three Aspects You Should Remember When Enlisting an Accountant

Deciding to get an accountant to help you with your business’ financial management is one thing – getting the right one is another thing altogether. There may be plenty of accountants and accountancy firms out there, but how can you really know when you are using the proper one? Whatever sector you are involved in, for example, it would help greatly if you can get an accountant who has experience dealing with the same business models in the same sector. It would also help if you can get an accountant who has the proper professional qualifications, and if you go under audit or need help with a business loan, a chartered accountant is your best choice. But what other considerations are there when it comes to enlisting the services of an accountant? Here are the top three things you should remember when enlisting an accountant.  


1. Background checks 

Aside from getting a well-written quote once you have several accountants or accounting firms in mind, you should also do background checks. Remember that your accountant is someone you should be able to trust – they are handling your finances, after all. When you have a shortlist of potential accountants, see if you can talk to some of their clients to get a better idea of the kinds of services they can provide. With this, you can also weigh how the accountant deals with their other clients and what sort of relationship they have with them. You should, however, be reasonable when getting in touch with their other clients; try not to ask too many questions – rather, just focus on the most important details, and a quick telephone call is better than a form filled with bland answers with hardly any detail. 


2. Your intuition

It’s also important to rely on your intuition, as premium and trusted accountants in London such as recommend. Since you are already running a business and have your own set of skills and experience, use this to your advantage. In other words, use your intuition. Intuition is simply the subconscious processing of what’s in our minds – and it can be a great business tool.  

When you meet with your prospective accountant, think about how you can trust him or her. It’s not just about the logical aspects, such as their location, their pricing format, their references, or their experience – it’s also about how you see yourself trusting them with your business’ most intimate and confidential details. If you don’t feel comfortable with your prospective accountant, it could be your intuition telling you something that your conscious mind didn’t pick up, such as verbal cues or body language.  


3. Determine how they can help your business grow

Your chosen accountant will definitely become closely involved in your business’ financial affairs, so you don’t just need someone whom you can trust – you also need someone who will really be available when you require their services. A good accountant can help your enterprise grow in different ways, and they will not only manage complexities in your finances but also offer you insightful and relevant advice on business matters and issues. They can even help you save money, not just in the short term but in the long term. A good one can be an excellent partner in your business’ growth, and it’s best to choose wisely.   


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