The Correct Way To Use Valet Parking Vendor’s Services

For an ordinary person who doesn’t go out for top-notch events or posh hotels, valet parking is a new experience for you. If you don’t know what valet parking service means, here is a quick lesson-you show up at a hotel or event, you collect your personal belongings in your car, hand the car keys to a person (Valet) who then proceeds to park your car. When the event is over, you go through the valet parking service to retrieve your car.

Valet parking vendor service is not something new. It has been there for a while in the hospitality industry and has high standards of etiquettes that, as a quest, you need to be on the know-how. The service involves interaction in a friendly way between a guest and a valet. Hence, the two must be modest and courteous to each other. Here are the top rules and etiquettes you need to follow when using Valet Parking Vendors Colorado.

Tidy up your car

Supposing you know you will use a valet service for an event or evening out, ensure that you clean up your car and make everything look orderly. Having it washed will be a good idea if it’s very dirty to avoid being embarrassed when handing your car key to a valet.

Get some cash

The valet parking services price tends to vary from one hotel to another, or it will depend on the valet service vendor. You can pay using a credit or debit card. Also, carry some cash for tips.

Remove any valuable items

While the valet vendors have good etiquette that you can completely trust them, it is important that you do not leave any valuables in your vehicle. Keep expensive things locked in your car. You never know when you will meet a bad apple.

Keep your car keys separate

Supposing you have a habit of carrying all your keys in one key ring when you know you will use a valet service, carry your spare car key.

Pay attention during drop-off

Everything moves very fast at the car’s drop-off zone. The valet parking vendors have an efficient way of handling pick up and drop off client’s cars in an organized way. Always be alert on how they direct traffic and follow their lead.

Leave your car running

This is an important piece of etiquette that you need to hold, ensure that you leave your car running at the drop-off point, keep your key in the ignition and get off the car. Valets are always very fast on the service; restarting a car will slow them down.

Wait for the valet to open the door for you

This will depend on one service provider to the others. In high hotels, you will get these services. In other events, you won’t get the same hospitality. If you have a female passenger in your ride, wait till the valet first opens the car door for her.

Keep the claim ticket safely

Safely store your claim ticket somewhere safe to avoid inconveniences when you are picking up your car later.

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