Small Business Loans: Your Key to Growth

You invest time, energy and money in a small business. You naturally would want to see the business grow and become a big success. For this, you’ll have to invest more time, more energy and more money. More money though (for most) may mean one’s lifetime savings. But, you don’t have to risk your life savings. You just have to find the best small business loans that you can access quickly, easily and at annual interest rates that make sense and are affordable. Take your cue from these real-life business success stories that made full use of small business loans.



Owned and operated by Leticia Michel, JD&C, this tax preparation services venture started in 2003. Renting out an old flower shop in Boyle Heights, Leticia conscientiously took lessons on how to maintain flowers and sold them for five years till her tax preparation practice began to make money and put her closer to meeting her financial goals. Leticia’s busy time happens during the first half of the year when most people file their tax returns. It’s during these times that she observed her company was unable to offer great customer service because her team was usually overwhelmed with too much work. On top of this, she was paying a lot of overtime. She needed additional funds to hire and train people on excellent client service, to cut overtime costs and allow her to offer more tax-related services.

Leticia, who had never considered a business loan before, decided to apply online and was pleasantly surprised to experience a business loan application process that was quick and professionally handled by a friendly expert. She got her loan and after fifteen years of hard work building her client base, Leticia ‘s JD&C company expanded its services to now include helping resolve real estate and immigration issues and concerns. Her staff has increased fivefold and her business’ operating income continues to be on the upswing.


Deli 23

This is the American Dream story of Óscar López, who told himself one day he was going to be more than just a loyal customer of Deli 23, his favorite sandwich shop. One day, he resolved, he was going to be its owner. For two years, Óscar worked at Deli 23 as an employee and when the opportunity presented itself, he bought the sandwich shop. He saw the great potential of the business and knew he had to invest more capital to give the place a good makeover and create a charming, pleasant ambiance. That he did. He purchased new equipment too to ease the workflow and give customers better service. He did all this after getting a small business loan from a lending company who understood his needs. Today, Deli 23 is sporting a fascinating and invitingly new look that has brought in more walk-in customers. With his sales volume increasing by five times more than when he started, Óscar now has worked out plans to expand his business across San Francisco, CA.


Mireyes Instalaciones

Originally from Mexico, Baldemar Ramírez arrived at the U.S. and opened a small business installing and servicing mechanic equipment. Over a short period of time, he had clients walking in and because of the high quality of his work, referrals also flowed in. This persevering entrepreneur saw his business growing. But he had a problem: he didn’t have enough funds to buy the parts he used for his jobs in large quantities, causing delays and forcing him to drive long hours every time he needed a key part. He resolved to take a small business loan. The processing and approval were easier than expected. He bought the parts he uses in bulk, thus benefiting from a discount and having these parts handy anytime he needed them. Consequently, he could work faster, which improved the customer service that made clients stay with him. Baldemar’s Mireyes Instalaciones continues to do great business. With more mechanic repairing jobs coming in and more time in his hands (he did away with wasting time commuting back and forth getting parts), his business continues growing every year.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it shouldn’t be hard envisioning yourself being ultimately part of one of these success stories. The trick is to find the best small business loans: an excellent option when you need funds to grow your business.

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