Ways to Start a Side Hustle

There are many people out there that would benefit greatly with a few hundred dollars a month. The problem is they have no idea how to get started and make it happen. This article discusses some different options to do exactly that.


Cutting Grass

Cutting grass and landscaping activities are hard work. Because of this many people are looking to outsource it. This is where you come in.

Odds are you probably have a friend or family member who pays someone to cut their grass. You probably even have several. This is where you step in. All you have to do is ask around and you will probably be able to pick up your first grass cutting clients. If you want to take it a step further then make a Facebook status about it. There are people around you that definitely want to avoid the chore of cutting grass.

In the winter this can switch from cutting grass to snow shoveling or Christmas light installation. Once you establish with your clients you are a hard worker you can find more things they will pay you to do.

If you want to learn more about starting a lawn care business, click here.



Let’s be real here, most people hate painting. If you aren’t one of those people than this is a great opportunity to make some cash on the side.

There are many great reasons why painting is a great side hustle. For one, it doesn’t cost much at all to get started. All you need is some paint brushes, some paint and a few basic supplies. Your first job easily covers all of your supplies and then some. It doesn’t take a ton of skill or experience to be a great painter. You can practice on a few rooms at your home and maybe ask a friend or family member to be your first client at a very cheap rate. Boom, you are a painting expert.

Another great thing about a painting side hustle is there is serious room for growth. Once you establish yourself as an experienced painter that does good work, your clients will begin telling their friends. It shouldn’t be hard to get your first few clients. Asking friends and family along with a Facebook status should get the ball rolling.

There was an awesome story on Reddit how a guy started his own painting business and is now in a CEO-type role making six figures.


Affiliate Marketing

Did you know you can sell other people’s products and get paid to do so? That’s exactly what affiliate marketing is. For example, you can sign up with Amazon’s Affiliate Program and get paid over 4% on each item you sell on their behalf. They handle the shipping and everything. All you have to do is post the link they provide you and when the product sells you get paid a commission.

Just so you know, there are many rules and guidelines to follow with Amazon’s Affiliate Program. That said, this is a great way for many people to sell stuff online without having an actual inventory.

If affiliate marketing sounds like something you are interested in, click here to learn more.


What Are You Waiting For? Get Started Today!

The only thing standing between you and getting your side hustle rolling is you taking action. Any of these three choices are great ways to make some extra cash. If you have another skill that people will pay for, then by all means use that as a way to make some money. Starting a side hustle is not hard once you decide what you are going to do and get the ball rolling.

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