Taking a Look at Gold Investing

The world is a funny old place, the value of things chop and change, the necessity and needs for items constantly changing and we can be found left on the sideline not knowing which way to turn.  

We all strive to save and prepare for our future in some way, whether by investing, or setting up a retirement fund or if you are completely old school, stuffing wads of cash bundled together by aging elastics under your mattress. The sleeping might become affected at some point, and to be honest, this is a problem I wouldn’t mind having, am I right? 

So how do we know where to put our extra funds we have lying around? Should we just keep it in the bank hoping it will earn some form of interest that won’t be sucked up by the government or ‘account management fees’ of who knows what they go to? Or should we keep buying assets and hoe there isn’t a housing crisis recession? It’s tough. 

A good option, due to the value of your investment and asset rarely decreasing in value and most certainly increasing when the markets crash, is in precious metals. As in gold and silver. I’m not saying rush out and bulk up in gold bars, although if you could why not, but having your hand in the cookie jar so to speak is not going to hurt you.  

The tricky part comes when deciding on who to go with, where to invest in and who can you trust? For more information on the subject and professional advice, you can trust and count on, check out the details on goldco, reliable service and guidance you can confide in and many satisfied customers with rave reviews.  

We want to know we are in safe hands, let out a sigh of relief in knowing there are still some good and honest people in the world and not just someone looking to make a ‘quick buck.’ 


5 Benefits of Investing in gold

  • Market. There is, and always has been, a strong global demand for these shiny gold bars and coins. Someone somewhere will always be interested, so the chain of supply and demand never ceases. 
  • Fear. Funny enough this is high on the list of reasons why people tend to invest in gold. They want an asset that isn’t going to let them down every time the stock market seems to not want to play and takes a nosedive. A constant value. 
  • Ease. As prices increases and drop, supply and demand flowing left and right, businessmen and the like look for an asset that is going to be easy to sell as well as obtain when the time comes. Gold has this ‘liquidity’ advantage. See this link for more information: https://www.thebalance.com/liquidity-in-commodities-808992 
  • Religion. While some cultures believe investing in some form of metal or bullion is a must if you are looking to wed their child, others believe it is a generational gift passed down and used as the family grows and should always be taken into consideration for the upcoming family members. 
  • Status. Widely known throughout history, and still to this day, the fact that you own some form of gold makes you ‘wealthy’ and ‘opulent’ in the eyes of those who think that gold is all there is to the world. Well, at least to theirs I guess it is. It gives you an air of entitlement in the upper circles of society. 


So how do you go about investing in gold?

The easiest, and some would say the most obvious way to get your foot in the door, is to go out and buy physical items of gold. Whether jewelry or bars or coins, having the ‘actual’ piece is already quite a few steps up on the investment and social ladder in the uppity hierarchy.  

Then you could look at putting your money into what’s known as gold ETF’s, all very smart-sounding and what you can read here in the how best to invest in gold guide, or simply invest straight into a gold mining company. Cut out the middle man and go all guns blazing. Why not, we only live once, let’s make the most of it. 

 Whatever you decide and in whichever direction you end up going, be sure to do your research and make wise decisions. And when all the fortune becomes too much for you, be sure to give me a call to help take some of it off your hands, would you? 

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