Shopping With The Fluz App

The Fluz app is part of an emerging wave of cashback apps that help avid shoppers earn cash on everyday purchases. It is, ideally, a modern way of saving on purchases and getting the most out of a dollar. In the past, shoppers clipped coupons which were replaced by rewards cards. Today, the rewards cards have been replaced by cashback apps. Fluz has a myriad of benefits in addition to offering you great deals that save you money and enable you to reap various rewards.

Fluz incorporates a cashback network scheme that makes it a passive income source. Other sites and apps only rely on the shopping data which might include a picture of a purchase receipt or a log of the shopping location, to determine the reward offered. By network scheme, we mean that Fluz operates similar to affiliate links where you can refer friends and other shoppers to the app, and directly benefit from their shopping transactions. The more you invite, the more you can potentially earn partly because your invitees will probably invite others, thereby growing your network exponentially. Better yet, in scenarios where there are newly registered users in your network, the app can automatically auto-fill them in your network thus giving you room to always grow.

By using Fluz, you don’t need to change your shopping habits because the app automatically tracks the purchases on merchant websites. When you are at a store, you don’t need to be on the lookout for cashback offers, because when you swipe your linked credit card, the app will notify you instantly before checking out.

One of the core differences between using Fluz and other cashback apps is that this particular app is leveraging the power of community spending. In other words, when you and your friends all use the app, everyone stands a chance of benefiting. The spending goes well beyond the one-off incentives and small rewards. You can stack rewards cumulatively, particularly the cashback over a long period. Eventually, when you stack a total of $26 or more in cash rewards, then you can cash out anytime. When you pick your shopping items at any of your favourite physical or online stores, you only need to proceed to the store checkout.

Then load the Fluz app as the cost is tallied and select the store you are in and key-in your exact checkout amount. An important detail that you should not leave out is the tax amount included in the purchase. Finally, you pay Fluz to get a payment barcode which you either paste online in the checkout section or you alternatively present to the cashier. This earns you an instant cashback on your total purchase amount and you receive a notification on the app to confirm this. Some in-app challenges and goals grant you opportunities to earn bonus wins as you also expand your network. You can check out more and try it out today using this link here.

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