What You Do—And Do Not—Want From Your Talent Management

Business Woman With Her Team

Your company is constantly growing and changing, not only because your business is thriving but because it is necessary to remain competitive in today’s market.

Being the best means having the best people on your team, that is why you sought out the assistance of a talent management company to keep your business moving forward.

What are the proven strategies and what are the cutting-edge options in hiring that could mean great success or great failure?

In business you need to take risks, but you also need to know what needs to be avoided in order to keep your company afloat. Here are some things you definitely want and certainly do not want from your talent management team.


You Do Want: Balance Short-Term with Long-Term

What you are very certain of right now are your financial realities at the moment.

You cannot predict for sure the future, but you can plan for the potential future based on past business trends and your current situation.

This is why you want to be sure when planning you are considering your current financial situation as it relates to your long-term needs, says TLNT.


What You Don’t Want: B-Level Workers

According to Ere.net, when it comes to hiring, you want the best of the best, even when there is a price that comes with it.

In the book Top Grading, author Brad Smart explains that what are considered “A” employees, which are the top 10 percent performers of a given position or field in a given compensation level, will produce 8 to 10 times more than those at the “B” level, one-step below them. With that being said, when it comes to hiring do not try to be frugal in the realm of salary.

More often than not that individual with the higher salary requirement will get you more ‘bang for your buck’ versus the one with the lower requirement.

Business Woman With Her Team

What You Do Want: Draw In Candidates Like Customers

TLNT explains that many companies are recognizing that the same marketing tactics used to attract customers can be used to attract the best candidates into their business.

This is definitely something you want to be sure is integrated into your tactics when it comes to finding new talent for your business.

What You Don’t Want: A Lengthy Hiring Process

You are trying to get the best of the best into your company, and you certainly do not want to spend a lot of time and effort getting the right candidates to apply just to lose them during the interview process because it is too lengthy.

The interview process is as much a selling of your company to the candidate as it is them trying to impress you.

If they feel as though you are making them jump through hoops or perform some sort of endurance test, they may move on to greener pastures where they feel their talents are more desired. Just like that you can lose a candidate you were genuinely interested in hiring.

You and your talent management team will work hand-in-hand to build the best team possible for your business. Use good sense and keep an eye on the latest trends to be sure you are remaining competitive in today’s job market.

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