How Your Social Media Presence Can Sink Your Ship

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Most business owners understand the ever-growing importance of a strong social media presence. The most popular social media platform is, without a doubt, Facebook.

There are 1.06 billion active users on the social networking site each month, making a Facebook page a requirement for any company that wants to maintain current customers and attract new ones.

With a great Facebook page comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, many business owners make mistakes on social platforms that can outright ruin their companies. Here are the most common mistakes and how to avoid them:


1. Partially Completed Pages

Facebook has a fantastic option: Your page isn’t live until you make it so. Don’t let the public see a partially completed page.

If someone is searching for the product that you sell or the service that you offer, dozens of pages will come up.

If yours is only partially complete, your competitor will win the customer. Build your page in its entirety before you let a single person view it.


2. Insulting the Competition

Your Facebook page isn’t a platform for insults. It’s taken for granted that you think you are better than your competition; you don’t have to insult anyone.

Never tell people why you are better than “X” or why your products are superior to those sold by “Y.” In fact, don’t use your page to advertise yourself at all.

Social media is for connecting with others and shouldn’t be used as your own private commercial space.

3. Neglected Pages

It’s not enough to complete your page and make it live. You have to keep your page updated and fresh. Your page should not go a single day without at least one update; preferably two.

If you don’t have the time to keep your page active, hire someone who does. People want to connect with you, your company and your followers so give them something to talk about.


4.Lack of Interaction

Along with updating your page with information, plan on spending time asking for and responding to customer feedback.

Today’s consumers are more likely to turn to Facebook for answers to their questions than they are to call you on the phone.

When your customers and clients ask you questions, respond in a timely, and respectful, manner.

5. Mixing Business with Pleasure

Your personal page should not turn into your business page, and your business page should never be used for personal updates.

While you may have had a fantastic time with your friends during the Friday night bar crawl, your customers don’t need to read about it or see photos of it.

Likewise, your friends don’t need to be inundated with the latest and greatest in the world of plumbing. Keep your pages completely separate from one another.

Social networking is a fantastic way to market your company if your page is handled properly. You are far better off staying away from social media than to have an incomplete or boring page.

Before setting up your Facebook account, look for pages from your competitors and other businesses. While it’s never a good idea to copy, it is a good idea to use great Facebook pages for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “How Your Social Media Presence Can Sink Your Ship

  1. Very well written Colby and all these points are very much valid and I can’t be more agree on this. You said it rightly that it is better not having a social media presence than having something incomplete. I completely agree on this but you know it is always not possible for small businesses (5/6 employees) to interact regularly with their customers or users because of their busy schedules and work loads and it is not that easy to find the right person who will handle their social media pages as because these are pretty much sensitive and if anything done wrong then there is a chance of bad impact/message. So what is your say on this? Should they go for some automated tools or something like that?

    1. I should go with automated tools, if you have not enough resources to invest in social media, Raboken.
      But be sure to think about your activity,
      because some businesses particularly receive benefits from social media marketing.

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