The VIRAL Experience: The Ultimate in Social Media Marketing

The VIRAL Experience: The Ultimate in Social Media Marketing

You’ve been working your tail off, getting your website ready for your big moment.

It’s about to go live, your own little place on the great World Wide Web, all set to tell everyone who sees it about your newest venture!

Maybe you’re launching a business, or a new book is being released; perhaps it’s all about your music or art, and you’re more than ready for your shot at fame and fortune!

God knows how much time, money, effort, blood and sweat and even tears you’ve got invested, but now it’s all going to pay off! Or is it?

There are now literally billions of websites out there… how is your target market even going to hear about yours?

Do you have a Marketing Plan all set up and ready to go?

Got your Facebook ads all bid?

And no doubt you’ve got your Fan Page up, and asked all your Friends to go and Like it, right?

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Those ads and Likes may draw you some traffic, but the real benefit of Social Media Marketing is found when individuals are sharing about you.

People tend to pay more attention to what their friends think than they ever will to any ad, and seeing that someone “Liked” a page might draw a few of them, true; but how do you get the people who see it to actually “Share” about you?

How do you make yourself and your website so familiar to the people all over Social Media that they will come to think of you as a familiar “brand,” the same way they now think of the most well-known brands of soft drinks, computers, tires and everything else that has become so visible that it is now a common name to millions of people?


Welcome to the Enviralizer.

With Thousands of Members all waiting to share the blogs we post here across all of their Social Media Platforms, the Enviralizer has become the Internet’s Number One way to go Intentionally Viral!

Let us post an engaging article about your latest venture (or your oldest one, for that matter!), and we’ll put that article in front of millions of eyeballs… and after we’ve shared it a few times, you become genuinely visible and familiar to those millions!

Literally thousands of people will click the links we share to come and read that article, and then follow the link to your site that’s embedded within it!

A continuing campaign costs you only pennies per page view on the article, and that’s far less than you’ll pay for any truly effective ad anywhere else.

And you have the added benefit of being personally recommended by thousands of people to all of their friends, followers and fans!


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