Get the Word Out: 6 Unique Ways to Market Your Business

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The right marketing campaign can help you sit back and watch your business succeed, while the wrong marketing campaign will leave you spending money on something that doesn’t work.

Any company can run ads on television or post signs on the side of the road, but when you use a unique idea, you can reach people in a new and fun way.


Write Magazine Articles

Writing magazine articles for local magazines or industry publications is a simple way to reach customers.

These articles contain a byline and a short biography about you and your company. Those who enjoy the article will want to know more about you and what your company does.

Use to find qualified employees and recruits who can research topics for you.

business man talking at phone


Volunteer in the Community

Show that you care about your city with volunteer work.

Encourage your workers to attend programmes where you clean up a particular area, build homes for the homeless or even clean the side of the road.

Hanging banners or signs with your company name on the front will let others know who you are.


Sponsor Community Events

If your employees don’t have the time to volunteer, consider sponsoring major events in your community.

You can run an event that raises money for a specific cause, or you might host another charity event.

You can even sponsor football games or a children’s football league.


Create Unique Videos

Viral marketing lets your company succeed with little effort on your part.

Ask your workers for ideas on fun videos that you can make and post on your company’s website. Include links that let viewers share those videos online, and your customers will do the advertising for you.

Finding sales vacancies in the UK through job search engines can help you find recruits who have experience creating those unique videos.


Reward Customers

Reward your customers with a simple loyalty program.

They win points for shopping with you that they can trade in for discounts later.

Some loyalty programmes let customers receive a single point each time they make a purchase, and when they hit 10 points, they receive a free item.


Use Social Media

Turn to Twitter, Facebook and other types of social media to market your company.

You can issue promo vouchers and codes that customers can use when shopping online or at one of your stores, and you can notify customers of upcoming sales and other specials.

Unique marketing helps your company stand out, and many of the top marketing ideas are affordable.

When you use social media, sponsor events in the community, write articles for local magazines and reward your customers, you can help your business succeed.

2 thoughts on “Get the Word Out: 6 Unique Ways to Market Your Business

  1. Hi Erik,

    I’m actually looking to implement some more ways to market my site. These tips are definitely unique.

    I will give some of them a shot and see how it helps me improve the traffic to my website. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.

  2. This is exactly what most people are looking for and if only they could apply it to their business. As for me I am trying it out. I have come to release some people have the knowledge but using it is always the problem.Nice post. ~ Anetta

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