5 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

Working Money online

Bloggers are known to be extremely passionate about what they do. The drive to share your experience and your knowledge with others alone is an admirable quality.

Therefore, many bloggers are not out to be making money from their ideas. However, who doesn’t need a little extra spending money every now and then?

Below are a few ways to implement features on your blog to potentially add a little revenue in your bank account.


1. Google AdSense

This is typically one of the easiest and most successful ways to generate money from your blog. AdSense is fairly self explanatory- with a simple line of code added to your blog, Google can get a sense of you content, in which it creates targeted ads to display on your site.

There are also other ways to utilize AdSense for revenue including earning money from users searching for your blog or implementing referral tools.

Working Money online


2. Personal Ads

Again, a fairly simple yet effective method of earning revenue from your blog is implementing personal ads. By offering targeted ad spaces on your blog, you are able to provide a meaningful outlet for advertisers.

For example, if you write a blog covering various aspects of home improvement or safety, a business with pallet jack rental might be interested in advertising.


3. Affiliate Programs

Getting involved in affiliate programs is another staple way to generate cash from your blog.

If you were a healthy living blogger, for example, health food companies would be interested in paying you to review or mention their products.

This is an easy way to provide quality content in a relevant way while earning some revenue.


4. Beyond the Blog

Once you establish a successful following and are considered credible in your industry, you may want to consider ways beyond your blog to create revenue.

Using your blog as your main focus point, take your ideas and experience beyond the Web. For example, you may consider scheduling speaking engagements or seminars for local businesses that may benefit from your knowledge.

Another common way to earn money is to consider publishing an e-book.


5. Continuity Programs

Finally, a newer way to earn money from your blog is to invest in a continuity program.

This is a site where you earn a recurring income from those who subscribe to a service your blog may offer.

An example may be a membership site that generates income through each new member.


Again, writing meaningful blog posts is an excellent way to share your knowledge and convey passion. However, if you are interested in taking your blog to the next level, namely by using it to earn money, these tips and tricks will have you on your way.

If you provide engaging content and have a solid base of followers, advertisers will quickly be interested in investing in your site. These tips are easy ways to bring your passion directly in line with your income. 

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10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

  1. Great steps Erik 🙂

    I have a question “What is the right age of a blog to start earning from that?”

    Should i expect some revenue from my blog now ?

    1. Hi Yogita,
      there is not right question for everyone.
      It depends on the niche and on the type of blog.

      I see your website has 6 months old, and you already started
      monetizing it. I noticed some Adsense ads there.

      Talking by experience,
      you will make more money after a PageRank update,
      if you receive a good rating.
      If you have a PR 2 or 3, you can start monetizing it with Text Links Ads, for instance,see:

      Or with Teliad, or via other networks.

      advertisers will arrive if you have a solid base of unique visits monthly.

      I hope this helps.
      Let me know if you need any other hints.

      1. Yup, fortunately i have got this approved Adsense account last week so i placed ads on my site. I am not expecting revenue as of now. These days i am working on traffic. Apart from that i am badly waiting for the Google PR update. Lets see when will it happen. Google PR is a mystery for all webmasters 🙂

        1. I think you are in the same boat of may webmasters all over the world, Yogita.
          We are all waiting to see when will be the next Google PageRank AND if still there will be a PageRank…may be Google will change the way to “rank” websites?
          Who knows… 😉

  2. Hi Erik,
    You have summed up some nice ways to make money from blog here. Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing are the two that are working for me, will try other methods too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. There are some different ways you can make money from blogging. You can use a combination of income-generating methods for your big time money in blogs.

    1. Hi Shelva,
      once you see which monetization methods work better for your site,
      you may want to stick with them.
      That’s a matter of experience!

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your point of view.

  4. Hi Erik,
    Now that’s one article I should have read before. Great one 🙂 way to go.

    Thanks a lot and Cheers!

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