Balancing Business and Family: 5 Tips You Need Know

Money can indeed make the world go ‘round, particularly your world as a small business owner and entrepreneur.

While you may desire to stay on top of your game and be as focused as possible on your small business goals, you also may need to make more time for your family.

Even if your spouse and children are entirely supportive of your entrepreneurial pursuits, they still need you to acknowledge and spend time with them once in a while.

You can balance your business and your family if you remember several important strategies that allow you to be both a family person and a successful business owner.


Work Consistent Hours

While the world of business never stops turning, your days should have some consistency to them.

Rather than work odd hours and miss out on important family events, you can enjoy time with your kids and spouse by working regular hours.

As a small business owner, the only boss to whom you are answering is yourself.

You should realize that you have the freedom to work set hours and be at home for dinner, family time, and your children’s bedtimes if you resolve to set aside regular hours for your family each day.

Business and family happy


Delegate Authority

If you have employees, you can balance your work life with your family life by designating authorities to your employees once in a while.

Hiring a manager or supervisor to act in your stead can let you take time off work to enjoy your family, all the while knowing that your employees will be doing what you need them to do at your company.

It can be difficult to relinquish authority to someone else, particularly when the business belongs to you. However, allowing a manager or supervisor to take over for a few hours a day can give you the respite you need to enjoy your family.


Take a Vacation

Your business will most likely remain fine if you take a yearly or semi-annual vacation with your children and spouse.

Taking a vacation can refuel your energy and passion for your entrepreneurial venture.

It can also let you reconnect with your kids and spouse and let you recall your role in your own family.


Support Your Family

Just as your family undoubtedly supported you as you started your business, it is vital that you support your family with their own pursuits.

Being there for your kids at their sports activities or musical concerts can show your family that they are just as important to you as your business.

Likewise, being there for your spouse as he or she gets recognized at work or enjoys other special moments in his or her life demonstrates that you can balance your work and family life.


Make It a Family Venture

You can strike a good balance with your work and family life if you recognize your business as a family venture rather than a sole entrepreneurial pursuit.

Thinking of your business in terms of “ours” rather than “yours” lets you remember your commitment and devotion to your family. It also makes your family feel included in your life as a business owner.

Having pictures of your kids or spouse at work and maybe using them in commercials or advertisements can reinforce the idea of your company being a family business.


Seek Help

Often, a new business owner will start a venture with the best of intentions, but just does not know how to begin balancing all the aspects of their lives.

They need someone who will send them in the right direction and to begin the organizational process that they can continue with.

There are professionals that can help with business plans, some that can help with organizing and even others who can simply help you find a career path you enjoy.

Outsourcing some of the tasks that you are less familiar with is also a great way to make sure that tasks are done correctly and that you are doing what you do best, building your business. Payroll with a company like PayWeb is one thing that can be outsourced.

One life coach Las Vegas says it perfectly when he states that business owners know their industry, but don’t always know business. If this is you, seek help to get started on the right foot.


Balancing family life and work life can be a challenge as you strive to make as much money as possible.

However, you can maintain a healthy devotion to both if you remember a few key strategies in your daily family and entrepreneurial life.


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