Beyond Breathing: 3 Air Uses

Not only is air essential in supporting nearly every form of life on the planet, but it can also be utilized in a variety of ways that make life easier for people. Cans of compressed air that are sold in retail stores are useful for cleaning electronics and hard to reach crevices in furniture or figurines. Industrial and commercial companies use air compressors to power tools and systems to make jobs safer and easier.



Most people who picture travel by train think about the narrow boxcars chugging down a track, or the people sitting inside enjoying views of the countryside or city they are passing through. Compressed air systems allow functions such as the doors and brakes to function properly. All around the world trains install a compressed air system Jacksonville FL to Mexico.

Airplanes have pressurization systems in place to keep the interior of the plane at a safe and comfortable level for passengers and employees. In the unlikely event that the cabin depressurizes, there are procedures in place to protect everyone’s safety.



Many tools are being crafted to be more powerful than ever. Pneumatic tools are tools that are driven by a compressed air system. While there are some risks involved in all tool usage, as long as safety is kept in mind, using one can finish a project quickly and efficiently. Some common items are jackhammers, nail guns and airbrushes.



Air compressors are sold in many stores. Depending on the need, one can be purchased that can inflate children’s toys and bicycle tires or car tires. Old-fashioned manual pumps are no longer popular; however, they are an option that can be found in stores. Electric models are much easier to use and reasonably priced.

When going about our daily lives, it can be easy to forget about the air that we are moving through. Without being able to see it or feel its weight daily, we take it for granted. This invisible substance powers not only our own lives but can be a powerful tool that makes our everyday lives better.

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