Tips for Developing a Security Plan

Corporate security is complicated. Therefore, as you develop your security plan, consider consulting security companies Louisiana.



First, you need to conduct an internal and external security risk assessment. The internal risk assessment may include employee background and criminal history checks as well as the location and security of valuable equipment and assets, including data.

External security assessments may begin by identifying vulnerable physical assets and entry points. It may also include the analysis of the neighborhood and city the company is located in. For example, are their theft crimes in your area? Law enforcement and local businesses may share local crime data and experiences with you.


Current Plan Evaluation

Your current security plan should be reviewed. Identify any missing processes or technology that will make your facilities, people and data more secure. Speak with employees and clients to determine whether they feel secure and if your procedures are invasive.


Develop a Plan

Your plan should focus on general security and the specific threats your assessment identified. Therefore, consider planning for these threats as well. You should have a mixture of human, traditional and technological security measures. For example, you may install fencing and locks as well as video surveillance and GPS tracking for equipment and employees. You may also have security guards on staff or retainer, or you may train employees to recognize threats.


Security Culture

Everyone in the company should receive security training. This training should not only focus on company asset security, but also on their own personal security. For example, they may learn how to identify someone with violent tendencies at the same time they learn to identify someone stealing. Share how security influences your organization’s operations.

Reinforce this culture through continued training and security discussions with your employees. Show them how to become more security conscious. Don’t forget to recognize those who identify or mitigate threats.

Enterprise security can help a company succeed or cause it to fail. Consider consulting with a security professional while you develop a comprehensive plan.

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