Five Reasons Having An Organized Office Is Crucial For Success

office with chairs

A successful business, regardless of field, offers excellent customer care and quality service.

Organized, clean and tastefully decorated office spaces draw in customers and encourage employees to do their best work.

Happy customers and productive employees set any business on the fast track toward success.

Get motivated to organize the office and improve the bottom line.


1. An organized space is visually appealing

Tidy, uncluttered offices offer visual appeal for visitors and employees alike. Excess furnishings and too many décor items lend themselves to a dusty, unkempt appearance.

Stacks of papers or cluttered desks give customers and visitors the impression of incompetence.

A pleasant environment encourages repeat business from consumers. Besides an organized office, make sure the color scheme and décor you choose to include in the office reflect your company’s values and overall feel. Neutral colors are always a good option.

Choosing one wall to paint with an accent color is a great way to add color without feeling too busy.

Choose simple items to place on shelves, and large pictures to hang on the walls. Too many small pictures clumped together or trinkets scattered throughout the office will create the feeling of organization, even if everything else is in order.

office with chairs


2. Productivity reigns supreme in organized spaces

Employees are more productive and efficient in an organized, streamlined workspace. Tasks are completed with speed and superior performance when employees are able to easily access the supplies they need to do their jobs.

Having a cluttered workspace can actually affect the health of employees as well. It can cause people to feel stressed, frustrated and unmotivated to get work done. Having an organized office allows for employees to think more clearly, and feel happy where they are working.


3. Organized spaces are healthier and safer

Prevent office injuries and illnesses by providing a clean, organized business. Reducing safety hazards such as loose rugs and overburdened furniture, can make an office more pleasant for everyone who walks through the door.

Unorganized work spaces also tend to collect more dust and are harder to clean. Keep dust and allergens that can make people sick away from the office by organizing the workspace and keeping it clean. Healthy employees are more productive.


4. Organized spaces are cost-effective and time-efficient

Searching for office supplies, product samples or files wastes valuable time. Replacing items simply because the originals can’t be found is costly and wasteful. Time spent organizing office space is crucial to grow a business. Consider moving nonessential items off-site.

Storage unit facilities in Albuquerque, NM can be a great investment in improving office efficiency. Most cities offer storage units that make it easy for you to get rid of items you don’t need right now, but have easy access to. You should store items like unused furniture, filing cabinets and other items you may need in the future but don’t have room for right now.


5. Customer service comes first in organized, efficient spaces

Employees who are searching for files or records are unlikely to be focused on providing excellent customer service. Flustered, unprepared employees set a tone of incompetence and lack of customer service.

Happy, organized employees are able to greet customers with a smile, and provide them with the service that will bring them back to your business.

Watch customer service and productivity improve in an organized environment. You may start to notice employee sick days and illnesses decrease.

Happy customers will return and spread the word about your friendly, efficient business that offers a pleasant overall experience.


Organization is an investment in the success of any business.

The beauty of getting organized is that so many rewards will be reaped for a very small outlay of time and money.

Get organized and success will follow.

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  1. I wouldn’t say its critical Erik – it depends on the context.

    I have my own home office for instance, so as long as there’s a coffee machine next to me then the rest of the design doesn’t matter! 🙂

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