Questions to Ask Before Finalising Your Digital Signs

It’s crucial for you to use digital signs to promote your business. People will quickly notice these signs. It indicates what your company is about and what items you’re selling. It could be quite costly since you need to use a lot of them in various locations for maximum exposure. These are some essential questions to ask before you place the digital signs in different areas.


Are they visible enough?

You want to ensure that people will see the signs even from afar. Therefore, you need to prioritise the visibility of the text and images. Check the standard sizes used in different digital signs to determine if the ones you intend to use are good enough. You might have to adjust the font size or reduce the content if the signs aren’t visible.


Is the content appealing?

People are too busy to stop by a sign and read the details. You need to give them a reason to do it. If they don’t find anything unusual or exciting about the sign, you can’t expect them to waste their time. Look for funny images. Highlight upcoming promotions. Ask yourself if you find the signs appealing. If not, you need to redo the design.


Do they achieve your goal?

Why do you want to use these signs? Do you want to introduce your business to the public? Are you launching new products? Do you want to emphasise your brand? You need to have a clear direction regarding what you want to happen when you start using digital signs; otherwise, you can’t track the success of this marketing effort.


How long will you use the signs?

When you decide to place these signs in public, you can’t put them out there for good. There are specific areas where you can have signs. You also need to rent the space. It’s crucial for you to determine until when you’re going to occupy that area. If the signs won’t be valid for too long, as the promotion you’re advertising is ending or the products will no longer be available, you need to sign a short-term lease.


How much are you willing to spend?

A digital signage kiosk is a bit pricey. You also need to rent the space where you will place the signs. Since it’s only one of your marketing campaigns, you need to come up with a clear budget; otherwise, you will blow everything on one campaign alone.


Does the content represent your brand?

Branding is crucial in any business. You need to ensure that the signs reflect your brand. Do you want to be the brand that prioritises quality? Do you want to be the cheaper alternative to an existing brand? The message needs to be clear, so people will know if they should patronise your products.

Take your time in thinking about the content design. You also need to double-check the signs for possible spelling and grammar issues. The photos also need to be original and authentic.




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