3 Things the Movies Tell You About Getting Arrested That Are Untrue

You saw the red lights in the rearview mirror, and that sinking feeling in your stomach let you know something big was about to occur. The moment the officer asked you to take a seat in the back of the car images from hundreds of movies and television crime shows began playing through your mind as you started wondering what to do next. You remember you should ask for a lawyer, but what else are you supposed to do? Here are three things the movies tell you about arrests that are untrue.


You Have No Rights

If you are arrested, you do have two rights. You have the right to not say a word to the police. You also have the right to ask for and receive the services of an attorney. You also have ancillary human rights. You have the right to food and water while you are incarcerated, and you have the right to be protected from other prisoners that have been deemed dangerous. You also have the right to access a Montgomery County bail bonds company, so ask your attorney to contact one.


You Can Leave Jail After an Hour

Despite what the movies may want you to believe, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the probable cause hearing could be held up to 48 hours after an arrest is made. You may even find yourself retrained for longer because the courts often allow the system to extend that window to 72 hours, especially if you were arrested on a weekend. You can also contact an Agent in Long Beach CA to help you with bail bonds.


You Can’t Be Lied To

The truth is that police lie, and it isn’t entrapment. The officers tell you what they believe can get you to provide them with information about the crime. After an arrest, your best choice is to remain quiet.

Do not assume that real life arrests are anything like those from the movies because most are not. If you get arrested, you should know your rights, prepare to spend a few nights in jail, and stay silent.

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